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Elections automated University-wide
By Akemi B. Aida and Nikki Q. Angulo
THOMASIANS did not have to endure long hours to know the results of the recent student council elections, with polls computerized University-wide for the first time this year.
All faculties and colleges, including UST’s two high schools, adopted the new polling system. Last year, only 10 colleges and faculties had automated elections.
Except for a brief power interruption last Feb. 20, which delayed voting at the Conservatory of Music, Education High School and UST High School, Tabon said the new polling scheme was “implemented well.”
“The loss of electricity supply caused a slight delay in voting in some ...view middle of the document...

Through their “E-Leap” online accounts, students were able to cast their votes immediately and efficiently.
New leaders
The Lakas Tomasino Coalition, with five candidates running unopposed, again dominated the Central Student Council (CSC) elections. The new student officers were proclaimed last Feb. 25 at the Tan Yan Kee Student Center lobby.
Jeanne Luz Castillo of the Faculty of Civil Law was elected the new CSC president with 17,542 votes (78.91 percent) while party-mate Thomas Vincent Vergara of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences obtained 16,508 votes (74.26 percent) to secure the vice presidency.
According to Tabon, candidates running for a local or central student council position must obtain at least 25 percent of the votes cast to be proclaimed the winner and prevent the local or the Central Comelec from declaring a failure of election.
Other Lakas Tomasino candidates who won the CSC elections were Lizielle Taguiam of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management for secretary with 16,644 votes (74.86 percent), Joseph Konrad Balisa of the UST Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy for treasurer with 16,496 (74.21 percent), and Kristoffer John Almeda of the Faculty of Engineering for auditor with 16,714 (75.19 percent).
Meanwhile, independent candidate Margielyn Asilo of the Faculty of Arts and Letters was elected public relations officer with 13,121 (59.03 percent), defeating Lakas Tomasino’s Mar Kenneth Romero who got 8,026 votes (36 percent).
Lakas Tomasino chairwoman Kristine Mae Urbi said students can expect the new set of officers to work hard for the Thomasian community, even if her party did not sweep the elections.
“Expect the incoming CSC to be the backbone and the voice of the students here in UST,” Castillo said.
Vergara for his part said the new CSC officials would “maximize all the resources the CSC has to be able to reach out to as many students as possible and to continue what the past administrations had started.”
Meanwhile, journalism junior Asilo said she would not entirely depend on CSC staffers and executive assistants to disseminate information to students.
“As much as possible I want my presence to be felt in activities and projects of CSC officers,” Asilo said.
* (Note: Atty. Ferdinand Rafanan, Director of the COMELEC Law Department, has accepted the invitation of Law Innovations to speak on the 2010 automated national elections at its first MCLE Series (36-hours full credit) scheduled for 11, 12, 18 & 19 March 2010. E-mail law.innovations@gmail.com for more details)
* As the Philippines prepares for its first automated national elections in May 2010, we may as well look to the University of the Philippines-Diliman, which has implemented automated voting for all its local student university-wide elections since 2009. While the framework of the U.P. Diliman voting system (dubbed “Halalan”) requires no paper ballots and is thus radically different from that which will...

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