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Elections Essay

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The current electoral system has been constantly assessed and targeted by civilians who believe that First Past The Post is no longer effective and should be gotten rid of. Even though it lost in the 2011 referendum, People still believe the electoral system should be changed, especially the liberal democrats who are in favour of this change because they would benefit.
FPTP is a simple plurality system the candidate with the most votes in one constituency becomes a MP and then the party with the most MPs becomes the government.

The first reason i think the electoral system should be reformed is that the system is very unrepresentative as large mainstream parties with their supporters ...view middle of the document...

This then lead to a coalition, where the conservative linked up with the liberal democrats to make a majority.
However, out of all the other different voting systems, FPTP is the easiest and most efficient method. It is also easier for the public to understand helping them feel like they can hold government to account also some people see coalitions as a good thing because rather than one set of ideas being passed around the table, there are two which helps benefit the people because the two leaders will usually meet in the middle with the public's interest in mind because both parties will want to increase their popularity and with two parties, bills will be thoroughly scrutinised benefiting the public once again.
Another argument in favour of the reform is the abuse of the ratio of seats per vote. For example in 2010, conservatives got only 36% of the votes but got nearly half of the seats in the commons with 47% whilst parties like the liberal democrats suffer as they got 23% of the votes but only 9% of the seats even though they got nearly a quarter of the...

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