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Election Day Essay

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It’s Election Day!
(Does Anyone Really Care?)

John F. Kennedy once said that “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” When I ran across this quote I realized that today is Election Day in Massachusetts and many local voters were heading to the polls to select new leadership. Now it’s a known fact that local voter turnout is never very high. We see more middle-aged citizens and the elderly turning out for these elections which, based on the information presented in our discussion question, is about 20-30% of registered voters. But how does this tie-in to the quote. I am in agreement that a low voter turn-out is not necessarily a bad thing. These ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, candidate sponsored advertisements in movie theaters prior to showing of films would also aid in informing the public. These ideas are nothing new but they take a new approach on an old idea by getting the information about ALL candidates out to the masses. Another important initiative is that all candidate information and their platforms be available in the languages representative in the community. This is very important if English is not the primary language in the community. One of the most imperative actions is to make people want to vote by finding out what is important to them. This goes back to the research methods such as interviews and surveys. In order to know what is going on in a community, it is important to realize that the community is a living, breathing entity that is always changing. What was important last year might not be as important this year. These are key elements in motivating citizens to get out and vote. But each citizen needs to be informed and informed with accurate information.
Along with educating the voters, we use alternative settings in which to register voters as well as the act of voting itself. Have voter registration drives at major sporting events and concerts. Make voter registration available in supermarkets. As you can see I really am an advocate of using places that people frequent on a regular basis to offer a chance to get informed and to register to vote. As for the actual voting itself, we must use technology to allow people to vote in non-traditional environments. This could come in placing voting booths in shopping malls, or be developing an online, secure voting process. We must be constantly reminded that people live their lives in the far left lane; going ninety miles an hour. Most people don’t vote because they honestly don’t want to take the time to do something they feel won’t make a difference anyway. I think if voting were made available to people on...

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