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Elderly Care Essay

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Elderly Care

Eve Stevens

HN200 Survey of Social Problems

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According to my father, there are two most important days in a person’s life – the day you are born and the day you die. With a birth, rejoicing at the good news brings laughter, gifts, and families gathering. With death, rejoicing within the heart as Christians are taught, but the heart also cries at the loss of a loved one. As a human services professional, the concern for programs and resources for elderly care is of high priority. In the field of human services, there is consensus in realizing an important aspect facing America today and ...view middle of the document...

There are insufficient facilities, programs, and resources to supplement family caregivers, and this changes family development issues. Providing care for elderly parents is a responsibility that should be shared by all family members in a household. It is both a compassionate and stressful experience for family members. Sharing the load of responsibility minimizes what can be a high stressor.
The government has realized the dilemma of healthcare since some of the baby boomers started collecting social security (Landau, 2010). This is not by far the only dilemma which the nation will be facing. As healthcare will probably be a priority; social security, housing, and caregiving would be just as important to the list (Robin et al., 1993). Caregiving can be a role model perspective for the 18-years of baby boomer care. All generations can learn from this era.
In Sweden, interviews with the elderly provided pertinent information for the care for the elderly (Harresfors, Savenstedt, Axelsson, 2009). The consensus by all the couples was to maintain their dignity at all times. It is the one word that shows up with any study conducted for elderly care – dignity. A person’s dignity is vital to survival. My father relayed that same message when he finally realized he was not going to get better. When the denial fades, and realization visible, it is the one important aspect of any human being – dignity. The Harresfors et al., 2009 studied twelve couples ages 70 and older. The conclusion from this study is that the elderly would prefer to: (1) continue to care for themselves for as long as possible; (2) if the caring scenario changes, they prefer to be cared by the healthy spouse with support from nursing staff; (3) a major concern amongst all 12 couples is that they are not a burden to anyone, nor become just
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an elderly individual needing care; and (4) the most important of all is their dignity remain intact.
Intergenerational support is necessary for the family to share in the caregiving responsibilities. A plan should be developed early on to maintain an orderly fashion of care, and should not disrupt family member lifestyle as much as possible. It is important to keep family life normal and this would require care interactions from all family members. It would not be right for one family member to provide the majority of responsibility for caregiving. This would disrupt the normal order of a healthy household. It is not fair to the one person, and it is not beneficial to the elderly.
Family members must take a proactive role in providing care for their elderly parent. It is important just as much for the children to provide a loving role model example for their own children to imitate when their elderly years come forth. It would be normal to expected conflicts amongst siblings in the care for an elderly parent. This must be resolved amicably between siblings to avoid disruption for families and...

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