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Elderly Abuse Essay

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Elderly Abuse: A Growing Concern
30 March 2012

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English Composition 101
30 March 2012
The signs of elderly abuse, at least to some degree, have always existed. Only in the past few decades, has it been recognized as a major societal problem. Greater attention to elder abuse was followed by the new “discovery” of child abuse in the 1960s and spouse abuse in the 1970s. Today elderly abuse is widely characterized as both a pervasive problem and a growing concern (Dessin, 2000; Heisler, 2000; Moskowitz, 1998b). Out of the elderly population around 1 out 2 million people over the age of 65 have been injured, or mistreated by someone they depend on for care. Abuse and neglect can happen in any social class; it does not matter if you are upper middle, or lower class.
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The purpose of this bill was to ensure that all nursing home are providing quality care to residents. Under the Nursing Home Act nursing homes are required to provide the following: a periodic assessment for each resident, a comprehensive care plan, pharmaceutical services, dietary services for all residents. By law the state is required to conduct unannounced surveys, to including resident interviews.
In 1992 the federal government also had to pass the Vulnerable Elder Rights Protection Act. This bill was intended to protect vulnerable adults, particularly older individuals. Furthermore, it also provided financial support and allowed state agencies to sustain programs to stop elderly abuse. Under this bill the Elder Abuse Hotline, Adult Protective Service, and Long Term Care Ombudsman Programs were started. If you have noticed certain signs of elderly abuse, such as: A change in their personal appearance, unexplained bruises or any type injuries on their body, and lack of food or a seeming unsafe environment, contact your state agency or local Social Service Department. Unfortunately, caring for elderly people can be stressful. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed with stress simply ask for help. We need to support more education and training in
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interpersonal caregiver skills, cultural issues that affect staff/ resident relationships, awareness of dementia, and witnessing and reporting abuse. Also the working standards must provide a means for better one on one care. Another way to cut down on abuse is to include screening of prospective employees for criminal backgrounds, domestic violence, and their feelings for caring for the elderly. These are something that we can do to protect our elderly.

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Anetzberger, G.J., B.R. Palmigano, M. Sanders, D. Bass, C. Dayton, S. Eckert, and M.R. Schimer 2000 A model intervention for elder abuse and dementia. The Gerontologist 40(4):01-497.

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