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Elder Interview Essay

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As adults the transition into old age can be difficult for some people. Frustration, lack of responsibility, and dependence can make the process of aging very hard for some. Old age should be viewed as another phase of life, but not the end of life. In order to help elderly cope with aging, it is important for them to have social interaction. Support from family, friends and the local community can also make a difference in the way they view their lives.
For my paper I interviewed two different types of adults. I interviewed a 60 year old female, and an 80 year old male. Much of the information that I found was relatively the same even though the participants came from different times. I ...view middle of the document...

It is more of a hassle due to the aches and pains associated with arthritis.

The simple act of holding a coffee mug has become a burden. I found that the female participant has a more difficult time dealing with the arthritis since she is still working a full time job and has a busier day with less down time. My male participant is able to schedule his day around his daily nap and part time work schedule. Each person still gets a good deal of exercise and tries to stay physically fit as much as possible.
The female participant says that the most negative aspect of growing older is menopause. The constant hot flashes causes uncomfortable sweating at the most inappropriate times. She is also on a cocktail of pills to balance her hormones during this time. She feels that her mood swings makes her hard to be around at times. She will also be in the shower and more and more hair comes out every day. All of these symptoms do not help with her self-image.
The next topic we talked about was cognitive ability. I was really surprised with results of this question. I was initially thinking that cognitive ability would affected much more than actually reported. Both participants have made major changes to their daily lives so this area is not as bad as expected. The female participant constantly makes lists for her daily activities. Whether it is going to the grocery store or what time her appointments are during the week. She has changed her life in positive ways to make sure she stays on task. The male participant carries sticky notes with him to help through the day.
These participants are not out of the woods yet. The female claims that she will be in a room of her house and not remember why she went in there. The male participant also claims that he has forgotten multiple appointments because he has forgotten them. The sticky notes really seem to have help with this issue.

When it comes to social relationships, the male participant make more of an effort when it comes to socialization. He and his spouse go to...

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