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El Nino And India Essay

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“A forecast is a forecast,It’s a guarantee , Climate is what you expect, Weather is what you get”…….this is often said byt the El Nino Researchers.El Nino is an example which says that nature is beyond the human control. It teaches us to work according to the rhythm of nature. El Nino is neither a disaster ,nor a bad fate. It is an interplay between ocean and atmosphere. According to wikipeadia El Nino is a band of warm ocean water temperatures that periodically develops off the pacific coast of South America. El Nino happens to intervals of 2 -3 years and lasts for 9 months. El NINO is divided into two categories .One is EL Nino condition. When the period of ELNino ...view middle of the document...

.from our childhood it is the prayer we pray .As we grow up so we understand the meaning of this line.India is principally an agricultural country. Rather we can say that being Indians we are lucky that our motherland can feed us from her own hand. She needs not to borrow from other country. In many countries in middle east they have to buy foods from other countries.The GDP of India depend s on agriculture. India is producing 25million tonesof food grain,100MT of rice,90MT of wheat,35million bales of cotton,and more than 18 MT of pulses. Large part of agriculture comes from good monsoon. Bad monsoon always leave a bad impact on agriculture. Improved irrigation and electricity programmes have reduced the dependency on Indian monsoon .The Hydel Power Generation,the ground water level,and its recharge depends on good monsoon.
Many researches are done regarding to the interrelataions between Indian Monsoon and ElNino events.The variability of Indian Summer monsoon rainfalls has been linked to variations of sea surface temperatures over the equatorial Pacific and Indian monsoon,Eurasian snow cover etc.Most of the droughts in India caused through El Nino.The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that 2014 could be an EL Nino year.Indian Weather forecaster Indian Meteorology Department and private forecaster Skymet have also made predictions that EL Nino could affect the rain of July 2014.
This climate change will effect the agriculture of India in every aspect.If we take the semi -arid regions temperatures are naturally higher than other regions.Rainfalls often occur between 300—700 mm in a year. Rise in temperature and less in rainfall will hit the cropping pattern of that region. The northern arid regions in India comprise largely of the desert of Rajasthan, the Rann of Kutch and the semi-arid regions of Punjab and Gujarat. The Southern arid regions are in the rain shadow of the Western Ghats covering states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.99 districts are declared as drought prone areas.Over 75% of the cropped area in India is in the semi arid region.Water is scarce in this region.Inland water resources like tanks and lakes,beels,oxbowl lakes,ponds are the storages of water .
Due to EL Nino there is irregular rainfalls which causes low productivity of crops. Low production tends farmers to suicide. Rising of surface water kills many fishes .This make a great loss of fishermen. Not only that the rising of sea surface temperature kills many marine lives.Rivers,seas are the main reason for a civilisation. Greenhouse gases,pollutants,urbanisation,carbondiooxides are the main causes of imbalancing nature.This warm wave is melting the glaciers.
There have already been noticeable extreme climate events in recent years which took a heavy toll on crop output - the drought of 2002, the heat wave in Andhra Pradesh in May 2003, extremely cold...

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