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Ek Ruka Hua Faisla Essay

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Prof. Swarup K Mohanty Suman Sekhar Pradhan
PGDM 2012-14
IMI - Bhubaneswar IMI- Bhubaneswar

Date: 06-11-2012


I hereby declare that the report titled “EK RUKA HUA FAISLA” submitted to IMI- Bhubaneswar is a work done by me under the esteemed guidance of Prof. Swarup K Mohanty, faculty member, IMI- Bhubaneswar.

Suman Sekhar Pradhan,
PGDM 2012-14,
Roll No 22
This is a clear evidence of a case, from a condition where out of 12,11 members were against a decision and suddenly due to some understanding the ratio changes dynamically to 12 voting for the ...view middle of the document...

The majority group talks with a belief that there is no doubt about what the decision should be.

* As the members from majority group start defending their position, the signs of groupthink emerge. Stereotyping as a member states “ saalon ki to puri kaum hi...”. Mind guards come into play as the group starts asking questions like “tum aadmi ho ya...”. Also, as the most vocal members agree on the decision any deviation by not-so-vocal members becomes difficult as they attack and pressurize them to not voice their doubts.

* The initial confrontations are high on emotion, esp. anger. Also, the majority group want to hear only the facts supporting their stand and make comments like “aap kya kehna chahate hain?” and “ab isse kya hoga?”, probably resorting back to mindguards. 

* Also, the majority group lacks a clear leader and in-fighting starts pretty soon as differences within them start emerging. Some members take offense to the stereotyping as they themselves are generally stereotyped, one juror is from slum area himself.

* On the other hand, the architect shows leadership skills. Initially he plays the devils advocate though, as it later becomes clear, he believes that the boy is not guilty. He does this to avoid personal confrontation and hatred that is usually directed towards a lone dissenter. Instead of taking a stand, he employs a...

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