Eight Ways To Go Green Essay

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Eight Ways To Go Green
Some people only get involved in the environment on Earth Day. You can make Earth Day every day by just making a few changes in your daily routine. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will probably save money in the long run and live a much healthier life. Here are eight ways that you can go green.
1.) Re-Route Your Commute
Walking or biking is ideal to get to your job or go to school. Not only is this healthy for the environment, but for you too. If you have to drive, then try to get a group of friends together to cut down on everyone driving separately. Even if you don't want to admit to trying to help the Earth, you have to agree that traveling in a group is WAY more fun than alone. Not only that, but you can cut down on the cost of gas if everyone chips in.
2.) Recycle Smart
From electronics to clothing, one person's trash is another person's treasure. ...view middle of the document...

and the freezer at 0° F. Also, wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible and use a drying rack or clothesline. Setting your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer can translate to substantial savings on your utility bills.
4.) Plants
Certain greens can help remove indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene. Don't have the gardening gene? Golden pothos, English ivy and peace lilies are all easy-to-grow toxin fighters.
5.) Lighten Up
When incandescent bulbs burn out, replace them with longer-lasting, low-energy compact fluorescent bulbs. They cost a bit more than regular bulbs, but you'll lower your electric bill and pay less in the long run - CFLs last up to 10 times longer than traditional ones. You can buy CFLs at most hardware and home stores. To save more on lighting, install dimmer switches and use timers, indoors and out.

6.) Buy Used
Whether you've just moved to a new area or are looking to redecorate, consider a service like craigslist or freecycle.org to track down furniture, appliances, and other items, rather than buying them new. Check out garage sales and thrift stores for clothing and other everyday items. Use your creativity in gift giving, including making homemade gifts, donating to a good cause, or even regifting. Your purchasing habits have a real impact, for better or worse.
7.) Use Your Local Amenities
Borrowing from libraries, instead of buying personal books and movies, saves money and printing resources. Consider donating the money saved to your local library. Be an active civic participant and ensure that the public spaces and facilities in your town are well maintained. This will promote a healthy, sustainable community.
8.) Stop Wasting Water
Buy water-efficient showerheads. With low-flow models, a family of four can cut water usage by as much as 280 gallons a month - and yet not feel much difference in water pressure. Two we like: Kohler's Master Shower Eco and Niagara Conservation's Earth Massage. Also, when you brush your teeth, only use water to rinse. Don't let it run while you are brushing.

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