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Ehr's Will Benefit The Medical Field

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How EHR’s will Benefit The Medical Field


EHR, known as electronic health record, refers to some systematic collection of an individual’s or a population’s electronic health information. The record is in a digital format which is theoretically sharable across various health care settings. Sometimes, this sharing can happen by way of network-connected, information systems or some other information networks. The electronic health record may include a wide range of data, like demographics, the patient’s medical history, their medication and allergies their immunization status, lab test results, vital signs, statistics like weight and age, and billing ...view middle of the document...

The Implementation of an EHR, though, is not just about the technology and new flashy gadgets as objects of change (Fridsma, 2009).
In as much as the EHR systems have been of immense help to the care providers and the patients as well, they have their downsides. For example, the much increased accessibility and portability of electronic medical records also increases the ease in which they could and can be accessed and taken by unauthorized persons and/or unscrupulous users as opposed to the more traditional paper medical records. Technological failures could also lead to total loss of patients’ data.
In the recent past, cases of records mismatch in hospitals and health centers have rapidly increased, where a patient’s medical records are mistaken for some other patient’s records. This has raised critical life issues like cases of mistreatment. A patient could be placed on medication that might in one way or the other harm them and place them at a worse place than they were in the beginning without medication.
This paper aims to review the already existing electronic health records, the advances that the EHRs have made alongside the advancement of technologies, their upsides and how they have impacted the medical profession, whether the care provided has in any way increased in terms of quality and saving time. The research will try and show the advantages, if any, of the EHRs over the most traditional way of manual recording of patients’ information in files. Also, we aim to discuss the flaws that are associated with these systems, how much salvage each flaw can affect the institutions and individuals as well. The defects and downsides will be categorized as being human-caused or technical failures.
Finally, we hope to propose various ways in which the aforementioned problems could be solved by proposing ways of overcoming the challenges caused.
Literature Review:
Electronic health records, like all other computerized technologies in our time, have transformed rapidly over the past fifty years. The history of electronic health registers in the US date back to the 60s when multiple efforts sprang up all around the country. Since the moment that technological advances changed data entry from the use of punch cards to keyboards, as well as data display from showing printed results to the use of video display terminals, innovative physicians around the country have continued seizing the opportunities to improve delivery of healthcare (Fridsma, 2009). Some well-known efforts made include:
• The Lockheed Corporation, in 1971, created a system that eventually came to be known as Eclipsys for the El Camino Hospital, that featured computerized physician order entry and allowed multiple, simultaneous users.
• In the early 70s, the University of Utah, Latter Day Saints Hospital, and 3M created the Health Evaluation system through a Logical Processing system.
Though each of the designers of these systems had different...

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