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Egypt Air Essay

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Egypt air
Egypt’s strategic location between Asia and Africa on the route between the Mediterranean basin and India and China made it an important hub of international trade.
Egypt’s ambition is to develop its air cargo sector into a larger and more profitable industry with Cairo International Airport serving as a successful international cargo hub.
The major objective of the national strategy for air cargo is to stimulate and to develop a financial & healthy air cargo industry in Egypt in the long term.

This requires all airports with modern, well organized and operated cargo facilities and that’s what “Egypt air cargo” tries to implement in this field.
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History |

EGYPTAIR CARGO founded in 2002, is one of the EGYPTAIR holding Company Groups. EGYPTAIR ( as Mother Company ) established May 7th 1932 as the seventh airline in the world to join IATA Since its foundation in Egypt, EGYPTAIR CARGO has been on the forefront of transporting and handling general and special cargo. Building on this experience; EGYPTAIR CARGO fleet is composed of four medium range with wide body, Two A300B4F and two A300-600F, the bellies of EGYPTAIR passenger planes are a significant capacity added to EGYPTAIR CARGO air transport capability, as EGYPTAIR flies to around 70 international major cities in Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, The Gulf area and far East. in addition the capability to operate charter and ad-hoc freighter flights. EGYPTAIR CARGO established its First cargo terminal in May 1981 with a 50.000 sq. m area and a capacity of 120.000 tons/year (an additional area of 9600 sq.m has been recently added to Cairo cargo terminal to improve the cargo flow and increase capacity). In September 1991 another cargo terminal at Alexandria International Airport was established with a capacity of 20.000 tons /year to better serve the northern region of Egypt. Surface transportation from Cairo cargo facility to Alexandria cargo facility is available. Both terminals are connecting their operations through a surface transportation in addition to the domestic flights.
In February 2006 another cargo terminal at Luxor International Airport was established sharing 50 % with The Egyptian Company for airports with a capacity of 20,000tons / year to better serve the southern region of Egypt. EGYPTAIR CARGO now boasts a team of more than 1400 employees serving more than 40 international airlines and more 80 cargo agents.
EGYPTAIR CARGO is expected to double its storage capacity within the next two years in the poem of the national strategy as EGYPTAIR CARGO has a significant role in developing and in succeeding to operate Cairo international airport as a HUB airport.
its main cargo Hub is located in Cairo International Airport; it developed several regional hubs at Ostend Airport at Belgium , Hahn Airport at Germany, Sharjah Airport UAE, Nairobi Airport and Bangkok Airport at thailand, and regional point at Malpensa Airport at Italy, Istanbul Airport at Turkey, Khartoum Airport at Sudan, Addis Ababa Airport at Eithiopia, Manston Airport at United Kingdom.EGYPTAIR CARGO has extended their business to include the managing and operating of other related projects like the Perishable Center at Cairo Int’l Airport in conjunction with the HEIA (Horticulture Export Improvement Association) Community. |
About Borg El Arab airport
Borg El Arab International Airport is an airport serving Alexandria, Egypt. It is located about 40 km (25 mi) southwest of Alexandria, in Borg El Arab (alternate spellings: Borg Al Arab, Burg El Arab). The airport also serves the nearby areas of the Nile Delta.
In 2009, the airport served 371,605...

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