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Efficiency And Collaboration Proposal Essay

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
April 16, 2013
Ramin Tabrizi
Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
The main purpose of this proposal is to show how changing Party Plates current information system is beneficial. The sales department should consider a relational database such as Microsoft Access versus their current database, Microsoft Excel. Team C will explain the effectiveness of converting data currently held in Microsoft Excel into an interactive database using Microsoft Access. Team C will also introduce types of collaborative software; how this software can improve communications and streamline work processes.
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Excel is quick with locating errors, but Access is suspected to be faster in eliminating errors before they occur. Customers expect the best, we plan to continue providing the best, and we will do so by continuously improving our database systems because we rely on that the most when dealing with our customers. Change is expected to be a bit problematic but change is also progress and growth and as a company dedicated to growth, this switch from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access is definitely needed for continuous growth.
Party Plate’s next objective involves changes to accommodate personnel data. The company’s personnel files are managed by Excel; however, improvements are necessary because Excel can no longer accommodate the needs of the company to complement communication. The organization gathered information regarding Microsoft Access’ spreadsheets. The Excel spreadsheets limits data collected; however, Microsoft Access Database, or relational database, provides unlimited fields. The tools of Access are essential to take the company to the next level. Benefits of Microsoft Access include file management of backup files as well as compact files, table functions, query functions, forms, and reports (Grauer, et al., 2011).
Excel can no longer support Party Plates’ information system; therefore, the company will implement Microsoft Access to improve its sales department and communication. Benefits of Access includes built-in features to collect, store, sort, and manipulate data into...

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