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Effest Of Technology To Communication Skills

710 words - 3 pages

A Survey on the Effects of Technology to the Communication Skills
Among the Students of St. Joseph’s College of Rodriguez

An Undergraduate Thesis Proposal
Presented to

The Faculty of the College of Education
St. Joseph’s College
Rodriguez, Rizal

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Information Technology

Gian Dino S. Maray
2nd semester
SY 2010-2011

Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background
Nowadays, people enjoy life more through the use of what we called “technology”. As we all know, technology is said to be a way of sharing information. It blooms by the incredible intelligence and perspective ideologies of ...view middle of the document...

This has effectively reduced socialization within the office, thus contributing to the weakening of bonds within the workplace. (Wenbin, 2008)
Just like the online teaching wherein a teacher only teaches his or her students through online internet can also cause detachment and unsureness if the students really learn the lesson well due to the fact that the teacher could not be able to facilitate the learning process. This has reduced the communication between two people due to the lack of quality time spend together. The bond is weakened as compared with previous generations and this has a profound impact on society as a whole.
In conclusion, we are now more connected in today's globalized world, but are ironically more isolated from our friends and family as a result of the new technologies from the information age. The ease of communication may have been improved but our lives have become more impersonal as a result. Technology has indeed made tremendous impact on society as well as on interpersonal communication. (Wenbin, 2008)
It has been observed that homes, schools and the whole community should be aware of the possible effects that technology brings. This...

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