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There were many factors that had affected the lives of the civilians, but I think the loss of lives, change in status of women, inhumane treatment of the innocent people and destroying the properties of the country are the most important ones.There were enormous numbers of loss of lives. For example 315000 French soldiers died at the war in Verdun only in 10 months. The nonstop death of the soldiers are caused by the people who were controlling people caused the non-stop death of the soldiers. Garry Sheffield once said that those soldiers were "Lions led by Donkeys", which was unarguable. Douglas Haig was the leader of the ...view middle of the document...

Hunger and disease were among many indirect factors that were caused by the war.The food was not enough and it was hard to transport it to the fronts . There were also some diseases caused by the war. Soldiers had extremely hard times in the trenches. It was cold and wet all over. The drains were destroyed because of artillery and most of them were drowned. Soldiers were not able to take medicines. If someone there gets shot or hurt doctors only had to use knives, they didn't have any anesthetics.The shooting and killing of innocent citizens, the way of treating the women, destroying important places such as the Red Cross were completely sadistic. Those things happened in France and Belgium during the war. For example 3 France innocent people of the same family were cruelly killed because they refused to bake a breadbread to the Germans.This can be direct because they are being treated like this because of the Germans, it's not caused by the war such as food or disease.Another factor was that women 's reputation in the society became higher. They stopped staying at home just being useless, instead they started to work. In England women workers has increased from 3million to 5 million during the war times. Women also got the right to vote in elections at the first time.I think the most important factor here is the loss of people and the killing of noncombatants. But if I refer them to the civilians the 2 most important are the killing of the noncombatants and the change in the status of women.

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