Effects Of The Internet To The Study Habits Of Cebu Technological Univerity Students Rationale

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During the 1990’s, people are not too common with studying via internet. Internet was no so popular with common people. The dial-up connection that was established has slow internet speed which is not suitable for home internet study.
Internet plays a very important role in todays’ world. It is used not only for research but communication ...view middle of the document...

Electronic mails (E-mail) and chatting are the examples of modes of communication found in the Internet.
The Internet is no just an online service through the “Mainframe Computers”. Internet not just holds lot of users at once but also provides thousands of services, sucha as online encyclopedia, real time stock quotes, and share ware program all at one site. This great window of service and networking access opportunity makes the Internet too popular. They are known as “Matrix”, “The Cyberspace”, “The Information Super Highway”, and the “Information Infrastructure”.
The Internet provides a capability so powerful and general that it can be used for almost any purpose that depends on information, and it is accessible to every individual who connects to one of its constituent works.
These are reasons enough why the Internet affects the study habits of the Cebu Technological University students and the addiction to it. With the improvement and advantages, the researchers could make their investigation easier and faster especially to the Third Year students taking up Bachelor in Idustrial Technology major in Computer Technology.

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