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Effects Of Stress On Physical And Psychological Health

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The way that a person manages stress can have a big impact on the body’s physical and psychological well being. Stress can effect one’s body in a bad way or in a good way; some of the reasons for stress are to keep the bodies brain thinking about the right things. If it weren’t for stress the body would just keep moving forward without the worries of what needs to be done. Stress is healthy to a certain extent and it has to be managed on a healthy level. Bad stress can affect the body in a negative way; it can actually cause health problems if not dealt with in the proper manner.
Stress is one of the most important health and social problems. Previous studies have demonstrated stress influence on the clinical course of a number of gastrointestinal diseases, but its physical and psychological effects on gastric acid and pepsin secretions are largely unknown. There were 48 male winstar rats divided up into six ...view middle of the document...

9 ± 5.8, 287.7 ± 5.7 μmol/gr weight wet tissue, respectively) were significantly more than other groups. But no significant differences among basal and stimulated gastric acid, pepsin and NO metabolites level were seen in physical and psychological stress groups. This study was just on rats
Physical and psychological effects of occupational stress were examined in a sample of 552 female blue collar employees of a microelectronics facility. After controlling for demographic and biological risk factors, non-work life events, and solvent exposure, job-related conflict was associated with depressive symptomatology, severe headaches, lightheadedness weakness/fatigue, rashes, and presence of multiple symptoms. Job demands were only associated with multiple symptoms. Solvent exposure did not interact with either of the job stress measures synergistically to increase symptom reports. Although the main effects of social support, when present, were in the direction of reducing symptomatology, the interactive effects of social support and stress on health were inconsistent and dependent on the source of support. • ( 4 Departments of Psychiatry and Sociology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Putnam Hall—South Campus, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8790, U.S.A.)
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