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Effects Of Social Media On Society

706 words - 3 pages

How social media has caused a change in Social behavior
Pedro Saul De Jesus-Sanchez
DeVry University

Proposal for Standardized Tests
I. Introduction
A. Topic
1) Research question: How has social media affected the standard for social interaction amongst one another?
2) Working thesis: There are more than two hundred social networking websites. Some people have no idea about the dangers of social networking. If not monitored, social networking can be dangerous.
3) Angle: Cyber bullies, pedophiles and scam artists are making social networking dangerous. As a society we have allowed interactions amongst one another to resort to social media without verifying whom sits behind ...view middle of the document...

Social networking websites have wide appeal for teens with the number of users growing daily. In the (2007 Pew Internet and American Life Project – Teens and Social Media report), 55 percent of online teens have a personal profile on this kind of website. The websites combine many Internet features into one: personal profiles, blogs (web logs like an online diary or journal), places for photos and videos, and the latest news in pop culture about music groups or hot new products, opinion polls, user groups, and more.)
B. Research to be collected
I will look for articles or educated opinions on the benefits of social media to allow the other perspective of the argument. I will also look for news article to justify my stance on how social behavior has been affected by the use of social media.
III. Conclusion
Finally and most important, social networking technology has increased the number case of cyber bullying. In the era of developing technology, teenagers are easily vulnerable to many cyber bullying. Most of the cyber bullying usually occur on social networking such as...

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