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Effects Of Smoking Essay

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Effects of Smoking
Did you know cigarette smoke is the leading cause of preventable death? It kills about 500,000 Americans each year, and many more suffer from smoking related illness caused by both direct smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. (Whelan, 1996) The effects of smoking cigarettes are mainly related to a person’s health, but there are other effects of smoking that people do not realize. I think the three major effects smoking has on a person’s: health, the health of those around them, and on their pocket. Whether you are a smoker or know someone who is, you need to be informed of the serious effects smoking has on a person.
There are many health concerns related to smoking effects to a person’s body from head to toe. The two commonly known are: lung disease ...view middle of the document...

Blood pressure also returns to normal between episodes of smoking. But smoking throughout the day results in higher average pressure. It also results in greater blood pressure variability, or swings in blood pressure. While hypertension itself can lead to heart disease, variable hypertension is even more dangerous and even more likely to lead to heart disease. (Whelan, 1996)
Those who smoke are not only harming their own health but health of others around them. Children whose parents smoke are at a greater risk of developing respiratory diseases, especially infants under the age of one. Experts suspect that younger lung tissue is weaker and is subject to damage at lower concentrations of contaminants. (Whelan, 1996) The younger the child, the more serious the consequences with increasing doses of exposure.
Another effect smoking has, people tend to forget, is the financial aspect. Smokers continue to smoke with money that could be used to pay for life’s day to day necessities. For example, in this tough economic time the gas prices have reached $4.20/gallon, how will they make up for this increased cost? A person smokes one pack of Newport cigarettes a day costing $7.00 would add up to a total of $2,555 per year. This money can be used for something better in life than smoking.
Though the effects of smoking are dangerous, people don’t understand and still continue to do it. Smoking effects your health along with the health of others around you and it can create a financial hardship on you. One real solution I see is that the companies who make such products should be held responsible and be prevented from distributing cigarettes.

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