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Effects Of Single Child Enactment On Industry/Workforce

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Effects of Single Child Enactment on Industry/Workforce

The United States of America dates back all the way from July 4, 1776. Ever since our country first gained its independence from Great Britain we have continued to operate as a beacon for economic equality and progression. In present times the “American dream” attracts people from all walks of life. They come in search of religious and political freedom, employment, safety, and new beginnings. With America continuing to open its arms to immigrants and refugees and the U.S. Census Bureau reporting an estimated rate of one birth every 8 seconds; a few questions remain, how do we provide the resources to accommodate these ...view middle of the document...

A sudden influx of highly qualified individuals would cause a major decline in the amount of Americans working low-skilled jobs in fields such as manufacturing, maintenance, transportation and waste management. Without people to fill these jobs our country could suffer greatly, but it could also become an economic powerhouse. In order to supplement for the sudden increase in low-skilled job vacancies our countries skilled workers (comprised of only-child’s) would need to create viable solutions for multiple sectors of our economy. This means new agriculture machinery would be needed to pick the strawberries that field workers once picked. New military weaponry would be created in order to replace basic infantry soldiers. New automated transportation services would be invented to replace regular taxi drivers. Our country would be forced into advancing its technology at a pace never before seen; the United States would slowly become a self-automated country with cutting edge technology.
On the other side of the spectrum, parents would be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by reproducing only one child. CNN estimates that the...

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