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Effects Of Internet Usage On Teenagers

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Internet was found by United States of America in 1960s. The first usage was to communicate easily between military camps (Walt, 2009 para.1). In the mid of 1990s, companies such as AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe had an opportunity for the open sources of internet to serve people a new world and after that the name of internet replaced by World Wide Web. A new world had improved quickly because of the internet providers. In today's world, there is a wide usage of the internet. After the computers have improved by engineers and reducing their costs created an opportunity to everyone buy their personal ...view middle of the document...

Except from these features, many universities and schools have already online resources for student use. Teenagers just have to focus on their homeworks. They can find trustable resources via online libraries and they can get high grades for their homeworks.
Secondly, teenagers can benefit from fast communication via internet. According to Nomura (1998), teenagers can get the newest news on the web anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, teachers could not uptade theirselves. Unlike the internet, if internet used for efficiently by teenagers, they can correct their teachers about some information who told by their teacher. That was not possible a decade ago. (Actually, it is possible because the article was published in 1998, as you see.) Moreover, communication on the internet provide instant message services. The writer of article (Rumiko Nomura) explained by using example. Imagine you are foreign in some country. You can not speak their own language. None of your friends, who is same nation as you are, living next to you. You will be nervous because you can not follow news and you can not call your parents. All you need is internet account which is taken from website providers communication service. You can chat with your friends and your family at low price or even free. Suppose that all your friends and your family are offline. In this website, you can select your nation and get help other people.

All these beneficial usage is good for teenagers. However, there are also harmful effects of the internet. One of them is excessive freedom. According to Otter (2006), teenagers have more freedom because of this they attracted more easily in a simulated environment than in real life. In real life, teenagers must achieve hard missions such as getting an well education, working a well-paid job and starting a family but in a simulated environment play game and save the world. Moreover, teenagers becoming a violent people while they are playing some online crime games. In Otter(2006)'s opinion, online games allow a person to be someone completely different. For instance, when some teenagers who play online crime games die or fail in some mission, they can start over again. Low risks and high rewards were interested by teenagers and by mixing virtual and real ...

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