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Effects Of Internet Information Overload Essay

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From the results obtained it is revealed that majority students are aware about the term information overload however male students are found to be more aware of the phenomena and are of the view that search engines are acting as a source of information, more than the female students .it is further found that female students feel the overload of information more than the male students to a slight degree. Two different psychological indicators were considered in this exploratory research study which were
• Information Fatigue Syndrome (dimensions: stress, depression, confusion)
• Decision paralysis/ analysis paralysis (dimensions: ...view middle of the document...

The respondents are using media (internet) to gratify their needs of information. The underlying motive of individual media use is to fulfill their demand of information in order to cope up with the updated information required for their studies. The negative consequences of the individual media use are seen in the form of stress, confusion, multiplicity and complexity of information and also choice paralysis, whereas the feel of depression and information vacuum on internet was not felt on large scale by the respondents.
It is further analyzed that the sub dimensions of psychological indicators stress, depression, and confusion, multiplicity/complexity of information, information vacuum, & choice paralysis are strongly correlated with one another. From this it can be assumed that a person might be suffering from more than one psychological problem at a same time.
As far as the management skills are concerned the students are dealing effectively with the information overload by ignoring the irrelevant information, refining the research (by using queries, search words etc), and by checking the source provided. However there was no correlation found between the feel of overload and the management skills.
Although the students are aware about the phenomena and are feeling the overload of information on the internet but still they are of the view that internet has influenced their academic efficiency by increasing dependency on it, by speeding up the research process and also by improving the professional competence. This means that the individuals are dependent on the medium, internet, on vast scale to fulfill their need of gaining information regarding studies. Internet has gained a vital importance among students. This result supports the theory of “Media Dependency Theory” originated by Sandra Ball-Rokeach and Melvin DeFleur in 1976, which states that “the more dependent an individual is on the media for having his or her needs fulfilled, the more important the media will be to that...

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