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Effects Of Globalization Essay

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Globalization is a term that has been defined differently by all who use the word. Personally, I feel that one of the clearer definition of Globalization is that it is the "increasing global connectivity, integration and interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, political, and ecological spheres (Wikipidia)." There are numerous ways in which globalization has impacted the world today.
Globalization lets countries do what they can do best. By using a country’s comparative advantage, or what they can produce at a lower opportunity cost than other countries, they can get all the benefits of trade. If every country has a comparative advantage that means that everyone ...view middle of the document...

A company may want to build factories in other countries because environmental laws are not as strict as they are at home. In 2011, Apple faces environmental criticism in China over supplier plants for discharging polluted waste and toxic metals into surrounding communities and threatening public health (Barboza).
Another problem is that Globalization may also lead to faster spread of infectious disease, for people animals and plants. A recent example will be the Avian flu that causes a global pandemic. When it was ongoing, countries that import and export any poultry are greatly affected as international trade comes to a standstill. It also affects the people in the community as young children and the elders are being discouraged from heading out of home at the risk of getting the flu.
Globalisation is one of the most debated issues of the day. It is everywhere on TV, on websites, learning journals, labour meeting rooms and in organization's boardrooms. In conclusion, there is no doubt that globalization has both good and bad effects towards people...

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