Effects Of Generation Gap In Working Environment

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Under the Malaysian Employment Act 1955, the legalized age of employees that are allowed to be hired by the employer ranges from age 16 to age 55 which is the retirement age for private sector, or age 58 for public sector. Employees below age 16 are only allowed to work under certain range of working hours. Based on Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia statistic as illustrated in Appendix A, there are a total of 385,320 registered labors that includes active and new registrants. Baby Boomers with age range 45 – 65 stands at 1.8% from the total registered labor; Generation X with age range 30 – 44 fair at 11.8%; and Generation Y with age range 10 – 29 constitutes 87.1%. ...view middle of the document...

Baby boomers were raised to be independent and individualistic [ (Littrell, Jin Ma, & Halepete, 2005) ]. They are willing to work long hours to achieve goals (Cennamo & Gardner, 2008 & Sullivan, Forret, Carraher, & Maineiro, 2009). Baby boomers are not technological savvy [ (Yu & Miller, 2003) ]. They prefer face to face in terms of communication therefore, they build the better relationship within their subordinates. Some of the defining events they experienced growing up were the May 1969 incident, women’s liberation, and rock and roll. The impact from makes them more optimistic, idealistic and driven [ (Amy, 2007) ]. Baby boomers are preoccupied with money and material possession [ (Yrle, Hartman, & Payne, 2005) ]. Therefore, the Malaysia’s property and assets mostly belongs to this generation which is currently moving to the retirement age.

Generation X population was born between year 1965 to 1980 which are of age range 30 to 45 [ (Roberts & Manolis, 2000) ]. This generation is the most dominant employee group for majority of the organization. They grew up in financial, family and societal insecurity whereby they have gone through economy crisis in 1970s, high divorce rate and higher crime rate [ (Yrle, Hartman, & Payne, 2005) ]. As they gone through these incidents, they are more independent, self-motivated and self-sufficient [ (Yrle, Hartman, & Payne, 2005) ]. They are preoccupied with material possession as they inherit from the previous generation when the previous generation passes away [ (Cennamo & Gardner, 2008) ]. During this generation, they are exposed to excessive flow of information through television and internet [ (Bova & Kroth, 2001) ]. Generation Xers are typically more media savvy and consumer wise due to the availability of information [ (Sirias, Karp, & Brotherton, 2007) ]. In workplace, Generation X employees dislike hierarchy and believe in rewards that are based on merit [ (Sullivan, Forret, Carraher, & Maineiro, 2009) ]. Generation X prefers to work in an organization which they are able to communicate throughout the hierarchy freely so that they are able to voice out their opinion.

Generation Y were born between year 1981 to 2002 which currently are in the age range of 10 – 29 [ (Cennamo & Gardner, 2008) ]. This generation is the most technological savvy because of the availability of technology ever since they are in their childhood [ (Sullivan, Forret, Carraher, & Maineiro, 2009) ]. Mobile phone has become a need in this generation compared to the previous generation. The usage of internet for communication is common through internet, instant messaging and social network. Therefore, this generation lacks face to face communication as they rely more to fast paced technology [ (Sullivan, Forret, Carraher, & Maineiro, 2009) ]. Generation Y values work-life balance, lifestyles, career development and overseas travel more than other...

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