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Effects Of Excessive Computer Use Essay

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Effects of Excessive Computer Use
Andy Siddall
ITT – Technical Institute
Composition I – EN1320
Jennifer Cordelier
May 1, 2014

Effects of Excessive Computer Use
Are you spending too much time on the computer? Do you find yourself gaining weight, more tired or out of shape? Then you probably should either not eat or eat something better for you. You should also get away from the computer and go for a walk or something. Prolonged computer use leads to obesity due to poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and decreased physical activity.
Prolonged computer use leads to obesity due to poor eating habits. “Sedentary pursuits, such as watching television and computer use have contributed ...view middle of the document...

But according to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 90 percent of Americans regularly use a computer or electronic device of some kind in the hour before bed. Increasingly, researchers are finding that artificial light from some devices at night may tinker with brain chemicals that promote sleep. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute showed that exposure to light from computer tablets significantly lowered levels of the hormone melatonin, which regulates our internal clocks and plays a role in the sleep cycle (O’Connor, 2012).
Prolonged computer use leads to obesity due to decreased physical activity. Anyone can figure out eating without moving around equals gaining weight. Several studies have examined the associations between leisure-time Internet and computer use, physical activity, and levels of overweight/obesity in children and adolescents, with inconsistent outcome (Eysenbach, 2009). In relation to health outcomes, it is important to know whether high leisure-time Internet and computer use is a marker for high levels of other sedentary behaviors. It may be that leisure-time Internet and computer use is related to poor health outcomes due to its association with a broader pattern of sedentary behavior (Eysenbach, 2009).
Prolonged computer use leads to obesity due to poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and decreased physical activity. The poor eating habits are the choice of eating unhealthy snacks and...

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