Effects Of Employee Stress Essay

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Effects of Employee Stress
Dexter B McDougal
Grand Canyon University

Effects of Employee Stress
The pursuit of forming a work environment where people would actually enjoy working has proven to be anything but easy. The ever rising pressure to perform only enhances the effort. People like to work in an environment where they work hard but yet have fun while doing it. Furthermore they want to be recognized for the hard work that they are doing. People want to work in a place where there are not a lot of opposing personalities and egos.
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Even minor things can lead to feelings of stress. Petty arguments with supervisors and conflicts with co-workers are among the most common every day stressors. For some employees, however, the level of stress experienced goes far beyond job strain and the irritation of daily hassles. For some employees, the level of stress experienced on the job builds up until it is overwhelming and leads to a condition called burnout. In general, burnout is described as emotional exhaustion. The most common symptoms associated with this emotional exhaustion include overwhelming fatigue, headaches, stomachaches, and impaired sleep. And, as burnout develops, it often leads to deterioration in social skills. Individuals in the midst of burnout just do not interact with others as they did in the past. They often withdraw from others. They may lose patience more easily. They may become more abrupt and abrasive in their dealings with others. Their language on the job may become cruder. They may appear to be moody and depressed (Hardwick, 2009, ¶ 2).”
“Over time, burnout has profound effects on job performance. Simply put, job performance suffers. Victims of burnout are likely to reduce the amount of work they do. They may avoid tasks that they find most stressful. Their absenteeism is likely to increase. In the worst case, they may suddenly quit their jobs with little notice to their employers. Supervisors may not be able to recognize burnout for what it is, but...

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