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Effects Of Drugs And Alohol Essay

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Does the abuse of drugs and alcohol by men in a marital relationship increase the chance of divorce?

Kyle Daya
Ms. D’Souza
June 13 2014
The abuse of drugs and alcohol can affect many people. More often than not, it creates a negative impact. An example of this is the effect it has on married couples and their families. The abuse of drugs and alcohol by men in a marital relationship increase the chance of divorce. The reason for this is because the drugs and alcohol can influence the husband to engage in violent activities. Secondly, the relationship between the husband and the wife will fade due to the abuse of illegal substances and alcohol. Lastly, the abuse of drugs and ...view middle of the document...

It is proven that alcoholism and drug use lead to verbal and physical. “The study suggests ways alcohol use leads from physical and verbal abuse to emotional and sexual violence in marriage” (Chandran, 2010). This study obtained its data from 486 married men living with their wives. This proves that men who suffer from alcoholism not only tend to physically and verbally abuse their spouse, but also emotionally and sexually abuse them as well. The effects of alcohol and drugs can easily influence a man to do violent and malicious acts that will eventually lead to divorce. This is why the abuse  of drugs and alcohol by men in a marital relationship increase the chance of divorce.
Due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol by men, their relationship with their spouse will fade. A man’s relationship with their spouse will deteriorate as their addiction to drugs or alcohol continue to grow because they become married to the drug rather than their actual spouse. This leaves only little time for the husband to focus on the wife and spend time together. Not do men have their relationship with their spouse fade, but their relationship with their children and family will fade as well. This is because men who have an addiction to a drug or alcohol will focus on obtaining their addiction so they’ll always be able to consume it. “Drinking, in the opinions of both the alcoholic and his spouse, enhances husband’s dominance but decrease the display of affection” (Orford, 1978). Men who abuse alcohol and drugs result in being powerful and over-confident which forms the mentality of being affectionate as weak and unmanly. This results in less family time and less one on one time with the spouse. The sense of power gets into the husbands head making him think that there is no reason to be solicitous towards his wife. This is also accountable for the children and other family members. Therefore, not only will the husband’s relationship with his spouse fade, but so will his relationship with his children and other family members. This is why the deterioration of a man's relationship with his spouse due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol increase the chance of divorce.
The abuse of drugs and alcohol by men influence children to imitate the father's actions.
Children who have a father who abuses drugs or alcohol tend to follow in his footsteps and partake in similar actions. For example, if a father becomes an alcoholic and the child witnesses him in the act of drinking, the odds are that when the child becomes an adult, he or she will...

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