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Effects Of Disasters Essay

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Writing Assignment 1-

Throughout the many disasters and event that we as Americans have been through I am going to choose Super Storm Sandy- 2012. I am choosing this storm because I have witnessed what it has done and the reactions from it firsthand. As the East Coast weather trackers tracked this storm, Federal, State, and Local governments where putting things in order for the land fall of this Hurricane at the time. Emergency workers and responders where preparing their families so when the storm made landfall they can react and do their jobs. As the storm made landfall it was downgraded to a Tropical Storm but was still very powerful. Destroy thousands of homes, business and ...view middle of the document...

Also in the back of his mind was if the Storm injured or killed a member of his family how would he feel or react. The high winds of the storm forced him to make that decision as his house started to burn as well. The victim started to evacuate his family to the car and hope that was the best shelter that can be used. The responder sits at home with his family and everything is going ok because he lives upstate NY and is only experiencing the rain and slight winds. He is thinking about his friends and family in New York City and if everything is okay. So for him he has that feeling of anxiety at this time. The victim is scared for his family but will not show it so the family does not get more scared that everything is out of control. The storm starts to die down and people start to come out to see the damage. For Breezy Point, firefighters and emergency responders are trying to control the fires that spread from house to house. This went on for awhile and when the victim returned to a charred out structure he was angry that this has happened to him. He tried to do everything that would assist him in surviving this storm. And he lost everything, well almost everything he still had his family. So with that he felt happiness that he wouldn’t have to worry about injured or deceased family members. Without a house to go to he felt hopelessness and tried not to cry, but couldn’t help it. As for the Responder in upstate NY he felt relieved that his home survived, his family was safe and there was no damage to his home. So at first he was happy and excited. He then got the call to respond to the NYC area to assist with recovery and the destruction from Super Storm Sandy. As he was still happy about his home he started to worry about his family and...

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