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Effects Of Different Dietary Vitamin C

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Marsland Press Journal of American Science 2009:5(3) 31-40

Evaluations of the Effects of Different Dietary Vitamin C levels on the Body Composition, Growth Performance and Feed Utilization Efficiencies in Stinging Catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch, 1792)
Md. Jobaer Alam 1, Md. Ghulam Mustafa 1, Md. Abdul Khaleque 2.
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Department of Fisheries, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh Institute of Food Science and Technology, BCSIR, Dr. Kudrat-E-Khuda road, Dhaka-1205

Abstract: To evaluate the effects of Vitamin C of formulated feed on growth performance, feed utilization efficiency and body composition of shing fish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch, 1792) an experiment ...view middle of the document...

The fish Diet C containing 1200 mg/ kg of Vitamin C level has been found to be more effective for better growth of the shing fish.[Journal of American Science 2009:5(3) 31-40] ( ISSN: 1545-1003) Key words: Stinging Cat fish, Vitamin C, Body Composition, Growth Performance and Feed Utilization Efficiencies

1. Introduction In Bangladesh air breathing fishes are very popular in the food menu and have become an economically important group of fishes. Among them H. fossilis is most important and can be easily cultured. For the very efficient air breathing organ the survival rate of this fish is high. This also helps the fish to grow abundantly in oxygen depleted water, even in shallow mini ponds. It is easy to keep them alive for longer period in captivity and also transport them alive in semi-dry containers. Sometimes doctors suggest the patients of anemia to have large amount of H. fossilis in their food menu [Bhatt, 1968]. Induced spawning and fry production of H. fossilis is easy [Ramswamy and sunderaraj, 1956, Thakur et al., 1974]. As this fish contains very high protein, high iron and low fat content [Singa kohli, 1979] propagation and culture of


Evaluations of the Effects of Different Dietary Vitamin C levels

Md. Jobaer Alam et al.

this fish is very important. Heteropneustes fossilis has several common names like Asian stinging cat fish or Fossil cat but in our country this fish is locally called Shing fish. In many Asian countries this fish is commercially as well as aquaculturally an important species [Akand et al., 1989]. It is an indigenous species to IndoPak-Bangladesh sub-continent. This cat fish used to belong to the family Heteropneustidae for many years but very recently it has been moved into the Clariidae family [Diogo et al., 2003]. For high nutritious value, taste and flavor H. fossilis has a high market value and consumer preference. Specific nutrition levels play a very important role in fish growth, body composition, feed utilization efficiency and reproduction. Feed is the main factor responsible for affecting growth, spawning success, body composition, and survival of fry including the survival of the brood [De Silva and Perera, 1985]. In commercial catfish feeds the energy ratio ranges from 66-74 / kg for each 0.05% of Vitamin [Lovell, R.T. 1972]. Proper food selection is important both from nutritional and economical point of view. A food particle should deliver the necessary nutrients and in a form that can easily be consumed by the fish which will result in more efficient production and increased profits. Food quality, food type and foods cost should be of primary consideration in terms of selecting the best food. A mixture of ingredients is necessary to provide a balance of required nutrients. Any fish cultured with artificial feeds needs a suitable percentage of vitamins in the diet for fast growth and better reproductive performance. However requirement of vitamin C by a particular species of...

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