Effects Of Computers On Our Society

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This study deals with the impact of ICT on Poverty eradication in Kenya. Its objectives assesses potential of ICT in employment creation and poverty alleviation and assessing the existing ICT such as ICT industries, ICT enabled services and sectors utilizing ICT’s application and employment.
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There is great need for deliberate policies to promote the development of the required critical mass of skilled ICT manpower in Kenya to drive the ICT industry.

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Table of Contents
Abstract ii
1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Background information 1
1.2 Ict Infrastructure Pillars For BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) 2
1.3 The Divide 3
1.4 ICT industries 3
1.5 Sectors utilizing ICT 3
1.6 Objectives 4
1.7 Statement of The Problem 4
1.8 Justification 4
2.0 Literature Review 6
2.1 ICT in Economic Interventions 6
2.3 ICT in Governance 8
3.0 Solutions to the problem 11
3.1 ICT business process outsourcing 11
3.2 Cost of bandwidth for internet access 11
3.3 Entrepreneurship 12
3.4 What others have done. 12
3.5 Solution 14
4.0 Recommendations 16
4.1 Conclusion 16

1.0 Introduction

There is no doubt that the use of ICT is perceived as a catalyst for economic growth and hence employment and poverty alleviation.
ICT is defined as a set of activities that facilitated by electronic means the processing,
Transmission and display of information (Estavillo, 2004). Thus, it is important to
Know how the effectiveness of such a process has an impact on a nation’s economy.
Typical ICT components include hardware, software and telecommunication equipment (Kaiser, 2004).
Over the past decades, we have witnessed how the US economy has been revived in the late 1990s due to large investment in ICT, as referred to Stiroh (2002) of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
ICT capital is superior to Non-ICT capital in enhancing economic growth: a higher level of ICT capital stock per capita allows a typical economy to achieve a higher growth rate for given levels of growth in labor and capital inputs (Vu, 2004). With respect to Khuong Vu’s view, it is also possible to say that sometimes it may not be how much capital you invest, that makes a difference, but rather how you invest it.
1.1 Background information

In March 2006, Kenya published its first Information and Communications Policy (KIC 2006). The policy articulated the opportunities that Kenya had identified in the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for social and economic development. In fact the vision statement of the policy was “to create an information society”. There are many other countries that aim to leverage ICT for economic development. For example,...

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