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Effects Of Chemical Warfare Essay

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Effects of chemical warfare Chemical Warfare is without a doubt the most dangerous and deadly form ofwar possible.. Chemicals, unlike a gunshot wound that would affect only the targetedareas will effect the entire body inside and out. There are differenteffects for different agents or chemicals. A mans body is armed. He possesses and immune system, a very complex systembroken down to two sections cellular, and chemical. The cellular systemconsists of a plethora of special cells whose job is to kill invadingforeign cells. The body also has cells that act as spy's they detect apathogen. When a chemical gets into the immune system our bodies specialcells some times end up binding ...view middle of the document...

The never agent is one of the most commonly used because the results arequick. Blood agents are yet another deadly chemical. The blood is another thatdepends on the duration of exposure. Typically, either death occurs veryrapidly, or recovery takes place within a few minutes after removal fromthe toxic atmosphere. The Blood agent is so powerful that casualtiescannot voluntarily hold their breath. Violent convulsions occur after onlytwenty to thirty seconds of exposure. They will also suffer headache,nausea, vertigo, and weakness of the muscles. If not death next the personmay suffer a coma which can last hours to days. All of the above symptomswill last up to 2 weeks before a full recovery. You can detect this bye abitter almond smell. If a mask is put on immediately then the chances ofgetting infected are slimmer. The key to this chemical is speed; it is afast reacting chemical. Choking agents are yet another agent that is harmful to the body. Thechoking agent is a true gas so it will cause even more damage. When infected it will cause shortness of breath(which is the most importantsign), tightness in chest, apprehension, painful cough, cyanosis, nauseafollowed by vomiting, shock, direct damage to capillary walls in lungs,Damage protein in capillary walls, allows plasma to leak into alveolus. Ifpatient is not treated properly they will generally die within twenty fourto forty eight hours. The last chemical that will be explained will be the blistering agent. Theblistering agent does not see as many fatalities as the other three but itis a slower more painful process. When contact with this chemical is madeyou will soon start seeing welts and you're skin will blister up as...

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