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Effects Of Cell Phone Use Essay

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The effects of Cell phone use on the study habits of students.

The objective of this study is to examine the effects of cell phone use on the study habits of students. The research was carried out using questionnaires distributed to 200 students who own cell phones .The questionnaires collected demographic information about the respondents, cell phone type preferences, uses of cell phones during study, predominant usage during study and information about challenges facing students in using mobile phones for study purposes. The results showed significant gender differences in several aspects of cell phone use. The results also revealed that cell phone use has negative and ...view middle of the document...

University students according to Ling (2001) are susceptible to trends, fashions and styles, which make them more willing to adopt new technology such as, cell phones .As new technologies emerge, the study habits of university students also evolve .Cell phones have changed the traditional college experience and to meet these challenges, learning institutions such as, the University must embrace the new technology for learning. Cell phone use has been
increasing in all economic and age sectors and has expanded the boundaries of higher education into an ‘anytime, anywhere experience’ (Prensky,2001:3)leading to university students been labelled as one of the most important markets and the largest consumer group of mobile phone services(Totten et al:2005,McClatchy:2006). Cell phones are presenting new means for students to access information thereby redefining the educational experience .Redefining this educational experience however presents new challenges for both educators and learners as they determine optimal mixes of technology and pedagogy.

Improving the study skills of university students is an area which lecturers and students alike agree is important .Unfortunately at the University, this type of training is only left to Lecturers in the Communication Skills Department who introduce study skills to 1st Year Students in the Academic Communication Skills Course .In this course 1st year students are also taught about Information Literacy Skills and the trust is mainly on the use of Computers and Laptops leaving out the potential of cell phones as learning tools. The scenario at the University is also echoed by Azikiwe(1998) who point out that universities often simply provide a brief initial introduction to study skills to students in their 1st year and there after fail to provide the necessary and subsequent systematic advice and support leading to students failing to develop effective study skills. Every year the University of Zimbabwe admits ‘the best and the brightest’ and this homogeneous group of super achievers is really quite variable as some perform quite well and others do not. A few drop out and others continue their programmes with mediocre grades . These differences can be closely linked to study habits which according to Biggs (1987) and Meyer (1992) have been identified as one of the reasons for academic failure and dropouts.

The University has been concentrating more on Electronic-learning (E-learning) which can be defined as electronically supported learning and teaching of any kind leaving out Mlearning (Mobile learning) ( Brown:2005).E-learning does not necessarily require a connection to the internet as learning and teaching can be done through CD Rom’s. M-Learning is a natural extension of E-Learning and it involves using mobile devices such as, cell phones ,smart phones
and palmtops that allow students to learn in different environments and whilst on the move instead of being restricted to the classroom or...

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