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Effects Of Cadmium What Are The Effects Of Cadmium On Humans, Animals, And The Earth?

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Cadmium is a kind of metal, which is naturally found as a compound with other elements. There are many uses of cadmium, such as batteries, cigarette smoke, pigments, metal coatings, plastics, and appears a lot in industrial waste. The consequences of using cadmium are quite dangerous when it comes to the health of humans and the environment. It contaminates the earth's waters, air, and soil; so it basically can be found almost everywhere on earth. Since the environment is contaminated by this element, people tend to breathe, eat, or drink small or large amounts of it, which is severely fatal to humans.The effect that cadmium has on the earth is kind of like a chain reaction. When cadmium is mined to store in a battery factory, they use ...view middle of the document...

Just from that one action, cadmium suddenly spread from a factory, to a farm, and finally to MacDonald's. Then after someone has good meal of MacDonald's, he/she lights up a cigarette and therefore exposes even more cadmium into the earth.Cadmium is very unhealthy for humans to inhale and digest small or even large amounts of it. Breathing in the air of second hand smoke (containing cadmium of course) can damage the lungs if a high concentration is inhaled daily. Since the cows or pigs that eat "cadmium grass" and then are sent to you to eat, their liver and kidney usually contains some cadmium. If cadmium is digested, effects such as diarrhea and stomachaches. A large intake of water that contains a high concentration of cadmium can cause death; by damaging the liver or kidney and causing vomiting. In general, cadmium is a deadly poison to humans.Humans aren't the only ones affected by the pollution of cadmium. Those cadmium digesting farm animals also develop sicknesses. The farm animals may get brain or nerve damage and also contract liver diseases as well. In fact, any animal can be affected. For example, some deer drinks contaminated water from the river, and then the big bad wolf decides it wants the deer for a snack. Now this can cause imbalance in the course of nature. Too many deer may have drank the contaminated water and have died off leaving the wolves with less to eat which may cause the wolves to starve to death. An imbalance in nature is a dangerous occurrence for animals and humans.Reference List:Cadmium effects in Australia on Cadmium on human health

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