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Effects Of Bulling Essay

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The Effects Bullying Has On Teenagers
Among the many challenges facing teenagers in today’s society, the most general and most feared is bullying, and the consequences, it has on teenagers. “Nearly 30 % of teens in the United States (or over 5.7) million are estimated at being involved in bullying, a target of bullying, or both.” (JAMA) Bullying brings with it an astronomical amount of negative effects, some of which can stay with the victim long after the bullying has stopped. These effects are self-esteem, mental health, and a reduction in grades. According to Dombeck, “Bullying is an attempt to install fear and self-loathing. Being the repetitive target of bullying damages a teenager’s ability to view themselves as a desirable, capable, and efficient individual.” (Dombeck, MP-10)
When living teenage years having exceptional self-esteem it, is very significant, to demonstrate how much they love and ...view middle of the document...

Anxiety might become an issue if the victim starts having panic attacks at home and, while out, and at school due to the bullying. With having mental effects, they may be looking at taking them to the psychiatrist and therapist So it can be determined if they need to consider medications to get through the day.
Finally, the victim is more than likely not going to notice and recognize the reduction in grades because they do not want to attend classes with the bully. Numerous times the telephone may ring, and the victim wants to come home for various reasons. I, have a headache, stomach, backache, allergies, and various other reasons. Usually it takes place before the course with the bully. They understand if they leave school, they do not have to be fearful or intimidated for that day, and they can relax to some degree and not be fearful, or have a panic attack. According to a teenager, “They did achieve their grades will drop because of the checking out and not attending class, bringing an honor roll student down to c’s and d’s which they know is very unacceptable.”

The challenges of being the victim of a bully in today’s society. Some might not notice the different effects the victim is feeling, but then they learn the unbelievable pain the victim is suffering. If they know someone that is being bullied stand up and let it be known to all so the bullying can stop, and the bully can be dealt with the appropriate people and deal with the consequences of the torment they caused. Doing this the victim’s life may be completely altered in a positive manner

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