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Effectiveness Of Innovation Leadership Essay

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Effectiveness of Innovation Leadership
----Based on the Failure of Com Dev International Ltd
In the first essay, I analyzed the leadership of Roger, the leader of Suzhou Com Dev International Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Company). In this essay, I will discuss the problem and solutions to Roger’s problematic leadership based on ecology of innovation, initiating and consideration structure, and transformational leadership
In order to create ecologies of innovation, we should know what is innovation and ecology. On one hand, innovation precisely means going beyond the norm, an implication embedded into the center of the world innovation—nova—which means doing new things ...view middle of the document...

4) Idealized influence: the leader becoming a full-fledged role model, acting out and displaying ideal traits of honesty, trust, enthusiasm, pride, and so forth.

Consideration is defined as the degree to which a leader shows concern and respect for followers, looks out for their welfare, and expresses appreciation and support. This is a people-oriented leadership style (Cathy Bush). Lack of consideration behaviors from the leader may leave employees feeling unsupported, unrecognized, or confused as they try to navigate conflicts and issues in their roles without any sense of feedback about how they are doing. Initiating structure, a task-oriented leadership style, is the degree to which a leader defines and organizes his role and the roles of followers, is oriented toward goal attainment, and establishes well-defined patterns and channels of communication. Without initiating structure behaviors, subordinates would not know what is expected, how to coordinate their work with others, or how their work relates to any group or organizational goal. This leads to frustration among workers and ultimately influences their productivity.

The leader Roger should be responsible for the resale of Suzhou Company. To a large extent, Roger’s way of thinking is similar to Westerners so much so that he sometimes had difficulty in understanding China’s actual conditions.

Firstly, Roger’s judgment of complex external environment needs to be improved. During the period, China’s communication industry is in a period of rapid development so that the industry is changing. Roger living in a new environment, but he was not able to grasp the key point, yet most focused on the building of Suzhou Company’s production capacity. For example, Suzhou Company did not appropriately analyzed customer need. Roger decided to let the Suzhou Company apply the IS09001 quality certification without mature external conditions, which results failure. To some extent, Roger’s misjudgment on environment ultimately leads to the failure of the Suzhou Company. China’s reforms are in its own unique place so that correctly deal with the changes is the premise of successful investment in China. Successful leaders should have a high-quality judgment of the organizations and their environment, which means that they can perceive the positive deviance and establish appropriate strategy for the company to succeed in new environment, which we call ecology of innovation.

Secondly, Roger lacks communication skills, mainly in the internal communication between the group headquarters and Suzhou Company. Roger relatively simple way to communicate should be responsible for the failure. When Suzhou Company faced problem, he went to British company for help, but this did not seem to work. His communication object was mainly concentrated on senior managers, including the group’s CEO, present and British company’s head, while Roger did not pay attention to the person that can provide...

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