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Effective Training Program Influence Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction

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To be successful, industry must focus more on service quality and their customer’s needs and wants. Reason why must focus on needs and wants of their customer and service quality is because customer will seek for solution when they needs or wants something and they always look for better service quality. If the industry can produce something according to customer needs and wants then they will success. Customer will return to the particular industry if they receive quality service and quality product that they want. Customer will be satisfied if they get what they want. To achieve service quality and customer satisfaction must have valuable human resources. Through training and ...view middle of the document...

Other than getting customer satisfaction, organizations also need to put more effort on customer retention and customer loyalty. Customer loyalty, according to Anderson and Jacobsen (2000) “is actually the result of an organization creating a benefit for a customer so that they will maintain or increase their purchases from the industry.
The way to achieve service quality is through valuable human resources. Human resources department responsible on all the man power arrangement in the industry, it also including organize orientation, training and development program and also interviewing new employees. In training and development program can include introducing responsible of each department, skill required for particular job, every single rule and regulations, customer needs and wants, amount of holiday will be given and etc. Once all the employees learn the skill and knowledge from the training and development program, they can perform better and quality services. Even some industry may be tempted to cut their training budgets, but they should not abandon training and development program. Other than that, employees who perceive higher level of self-efficacy consequent to training will be more likely to translate their learning into behaviors in the workplace. And employees who have gone through different training program are more capable in performing actual task. There are few hypothesis can be found in this research is shown in Figure 1.
Better services

Training program

Customer satisfaction

FIGURE 1: The positive relationship between training program, service quality and customer satisfaction.
Literature review

Effective training and development influence service quality and customer satisfaction in Hospitality establishment.
Employee training has become increasingly important for hotels to improve service quality, decrease labor costs, increase productivity, profitability, achieve customer satisfaction and effectively manage workforce diversity (Kim, 2006). Previous hospitality training research mainly focused on training needs analysis and measurement of training outcomes. Training needs in hospitality establishments are influenced by the organization’s strategic goals and organizational realities (Lee, Nam, Park & Lee, 2006). In recent times researchers have realized the need of the customers is the most important. It is very essential that all needs that will lead to customer satisfaction are identified and implemented. (Barsky, 1992). Chi and Gursoy also stated that success of the organizations depends upon the employee’s satisfaction by providing them with better working environment, training and development, better compensation packages as compared to market and superior quality services to their competitors.( Chi and Gursoy, 2009) Other than that, satisfied customers are most likely to share their experiences with other peoples. Equally well, dissatisfied customers are more likely to...

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