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Effective Team Work Essay

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Effective Team Work
Reneco Bennett
January 18, 2016
Amit Patel
Effective Team Work

What are the characteristics of effective teams?
There are many characteristics of effective teams. Effective teams perform in an environment where there is trust in the environment of open and honest communication. Giving feedback on performance allowing an exchange between two individuals and it should be constant. It should also provide information for all members of the team on how their work supports an explicit and complete effort of the team and the practice. Listening is a feature of communication, and it is one of the most important skills an individual can have. Teams ...view middle of the document...

As time passes on the patterns will grow within the group with the same team member always taking on a particular role and it will soon become wanted by others. When it comes to team members needs you should allow them to take a break and show appreciation. Taking a break will allow team members to have more energy and be able to focus on something new or different. They will also be less tired and more productive. You can appreciate team members by recognizing them when they are working very well. Making members feel valued will give them more time to do outstanding work. Diversity affects teamwork by improving creativity, productivity, problem-solving skills, cooperation, and modernization. Establishing diversity knowledge will develop skills that are essential for collaboration such as honest and open communication, building up team productivity, and increasing diversity management skills. The best quality of an effective team is the combination of expertise and strengths.
What are components of group diversity?
Diversity occurs in all groups and consists of nationally, race, ethnicity, age gender, occupation, physical ability, personality preferences, religion, marital and parental status, work experience, and a lot more. These elements make a...

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