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Effective Study Skills Are The Sole Foundation Of A Sound Education

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This essay intends to discuss whether effective study skills are the sole foundation to a sound education.
A helpful start is to try to understand what is meant by the term study skills. Wikipedia (2014) defines study skills as “techniques to assess the individual to be an effective learner” and suggests that “any skill which boosts a students ability to study and pass exams can be termed as a study skill.”
The word, skill, is further explained by Cottrell (2013) as “...a learned activity, something that can be developed through practice.” This suggests that anyone can successfully achieve a sound level of education. If skills such as time management, research skills, written skills and ...view middle of the document...

However, there are many factors that may heavily influence the teaching and learning of these study skills in the first place, so affecting the implementation of the skills in order to succeed in education. Taylor (2014) believes that “in order for a student to learn there, are several factors that must be considered. Most of these factors are external...”. Indeed, Mondal (2014) tell us there are seven factors that may influence a student:
The intellectual factor ie. the individuals intelligence level;
learning factors such as poor or faulty teaching or learning methods;
physical factors eg. physical development or defects, sensory defects or general ill health;
mental factors especially attitude;
emotional and social factors such as instincts, emotions, cooperation or rivalry;
teachers personality;
environmental factors for example, physical conditions at home or place of study.
The above factors go some way to identifying what may affect the way in which study skills can be learned...

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