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Effective Management In A Globalised World: Leading The Cultural Other

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Effective Management in a Globalised World: leading the cultural other

Maria-Therese McAdam
Murdoch University: MBS 538
Organisational Behaviour and Management

Introduction 2
Literature Review 2
Reflections 5
Reflection 1: On being a new manager 5
Reflection 2: Our. stakeholders: satisfying our ideal client 6
Reflection 3: On accountability and performance 7
Reflection 4: Teamwork: Ubuntu and HeXie 8
Discussion and Conclusion 9
References 11
AppendiX 15


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For brevity, the literature search was restricted to Murdoch University library’s academic sources, specifically from the Murdoch University library, for journal articles from the last decade. Key terms used were “effective management” plus “globalised world”; “global mindset” plus “effective management and “global mindset”, with the search restricted to scholarly and peer reviewed journal articles, within business. This yielded 110 papers, of which 28 were relevant to the topic. These were complemented by articles and textbooks made available through our unit, particularly those on effective leadership.

The major challenge is to define the qualities of an effective manager, particularly in the modern organisation which is a diverse mix of individuals, systems, cultures, technologies. Managers are expected to pursue synergy between the internal and external environment (Fayol & McLean, 2011) by recruiting and deploying human “resources” at the right time, in the right role, and in a cost effective manner, as they must all of their organisation’s resources. While there is no real consensus on a requisite body of knowledge for effective leadership (Lindorff & Jonson, 2013), particularly in a globalized world, the historical principles of Henri Fayol prevail: a manager must plan, control, organise, command and control all aspects within their remit (Fayol & McLean, 2011) no matter where they are. Truly effective leaders have personal integrity and character (that earns the trust of their employees), and combine this with results (Ulrich & Smallwood, 2003).

Until the 1970s, businesses produced desirable products, provided secure employment, obeyed national laws and contributed to their societies. Employees were therefore intrinsically tied to reputation of their company. The rise of globalisation stands in sharp contrast. Now the devolution of business to the single-minded pursuit of shareholder value has meant that employees, environmental and other regulations all become variable costs (T. M. Jones & Felps, 2013; Stout, 2014). What has also become clear is that organisations gain competitive advantage with employee and stakeholder buy-in (Porter & Kramer, 2011; Ulrich & Smallwood, 2003), and it is managing these two competing aspects, particularly with a multicultural or “foreign” workforce, that make management in the modern context so challenging.

By 2009, 51 of the 100 largest economies in the world were global organisations (Maak & Pless, 2009). We are exposed daily to other cultures via mass media. Workforces around the world are becoming increasingly diverse, and in most developed countries, hybridity is the cultural norm, and the cultural Other now lives among us (Rizvi & Lingard, 2000). Whether the world is deemed convergent (i.e. because of the spread of homogenous products, TV, technology, cultures are becoming more similar (Friedman, 2005; M. G. Harvey & Novicevic, 2006; A. Jones, 2008; Maak &...

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