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Effective Management Communication In Organizations Essay

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Effective Management Communication in Organizations
Violet Murrill
BUS 600
Jan Tucker
March 24, 2014

Effective Management Communication in Organizations
Do most people have knowledge of what communication involves? Yes, most people believe they know what communication involves, however, most people lack true communication skills. Communication involves transferring information from one person or a group to others. Information is delivered in different forms such as terms or words, symbols, figures or numbers, a single concept, or sets of concepts combined (Baack, 2012). We do not just speak words when we communicate; we create meanings as we figure out what each other’s words and ...view middle of the document...

” Interpersonal communication is the means by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and nonverbal messages. It is not just about what is said but how it is said and the nonverbal messages sent through tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and body language (What is Interpersonal Communication?, n.d.).
Interpersonal communication is a two-way interactive process with one person sending a message and other person receiving the message at the same time. While the sender is sending a message the receiver is giving feedback through nonverbal cues such as facial expression, body posture, and gestures. The importance of interpersonal communication among organizations has been growing with the expansion of globalization, where the developed and developing countries move from an industrial to service-oriented economy and this placed interpersonal communication in the center of all the skills that help in developing and sustaining in business (Ramaraju, 2012).
According to Ramaraju (2012), “Today’s service economy puts a premium on relationship building among employees, peers, departments, organizations, and customers.” (Para. Introduction). Cultural diversity, globalization, organizational restricting, worker specialization, and technology influence the current importance of interpersonal skills (Ramaraju, 2012). This means being able to manage different people in different situations, and creating an atmosphere of wellbeing. The normal roles of interpersonal communication are listening, talking, and conflict resolution.
Interpersonal communication is a significant life skill and is used to give and collect information, influence behaviors and attitudes, form contacts and maintain relationships, make sense of the world and experiences in it, express personal needs and understand the needs of others, give and receive emotional support, make decisions and solve problems, anticipate and predict behavior and regulate power ("What Is Interpersonal Communication?", n.d.). Interpersonal communication is essential to management communication. Management communication is define as all efforts to systematically plan, implement, monitor, and upgrade the channels of communication within the organization and with outside organizations that affect a company’s internal operations (Baack, 2012). Management communication involves continual monitoring and upgrading of communication channels, the ability to adapt to diverse work force, globalization and outsourcing, pace of life and work, evolving workplace technologies, influence of social media, and ethical challenges.
Effective communication is created by basic techniques such as open-ended questions, listening, understanding, and determination. The relationship between effective communication and successful interpersonal relationships is influenced by prevailing variables such as gender, generation, environment, educational, collaboration, self-disclosure, and...

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