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Strong and effective leadership, in any form, is important to the business field and provides a stable foundation for a successful business from the inside out. This paper summarizes two articles by Daniel Goleman and Mitch McCrimmon that focuses on types of leaders and skills they possess. With any company, an effective leader is essential to improving workflow and increasing venture growth. The attributes of a successful leader varies from one person to another and these articles address two characteristics that have proven successful; emotional intelligence and thought leadership. A leader with emotional intelligence is self-aware; has the ability to self-regulate; possesses motivation, ...view middle of the document...

We just need to present the results of leadership research to envelope the sphere of possibilities. The rest of this paper summarizes the articles on emotional intelligence and thought leadership to better understand effective leadership skills.
Summary of Daniel Goleman’s article
What Makes a Leader? By Daniel Goleman address the components that make a strong leader, especially when it comes to emotional intelligence. Goleman (1998) states that this type of leadership is a “sine gua non of leadership” and to lack in this specific characteristic would result in negative leadership skills (p 82). This research performed interviews and compared persons in senior level positions who excelled in their role to those who did not. These subjects were compared and results showed that emotional intelligence was the most important factor that differentiated the strong performers from the rest. The results of this research showed a strong relationship between a company’s accomplishments and financial success to the emotional intelligence of it leaders.
Goleman (1998) continues on to break down the components of emotional intelligence, with the first component being self-awareness (p 84). The ability to recognize one’s self and to understand their strengths and weaknesses allows for an individual to excel in their field as a leader. Another component is self-regulation, the ability to control impulses and emotions during unexpected events and develop ways to improve business without appearing to be patronizing (p 84-85). Motivation is another component that Goleman (1998) has included and mentions that all leaders have this characteristic. He includes that the motivational drive of a successful leader is not based on money or status, but just for the “sake of achievement” (page 88). The fourth component of emotional intelligence is empathy, taking into consideration the feelings of employee when making business decisions. This method allows for a leader to gain respect upon his coworkers, provide a stronger team environment, and increase employee happiness (p 89-90). Lastly, the most important component of emotional intelligence that Goleman (1998) introduces is social skills. He state that this component draws from self-awareness, self-regulation and empathy (90-91). When a leader has the ability to communicate and maintain a business relationship with his/her coworkers, the level of emotional intelligence reaches its apex and results in positive business growth.
Summary of McCrimmon’s article
Thought Leadership: a radical departure from traditional, position leadership by Mitch McCrimmon discusses thought leadership and how this characteristic provides an individual with a higher level of career skills. This article starts off with a definition and continues on to describe the characteristics that differentiate thought leadership from shared leadership. Thought leadership is defined as a type of leader that does not necessarily hold any...

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