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Effective Human Services Essay

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The human services encompass many roles and responsibilities that work to the benefit of society. Human services workers engage in addressing the needs and problems that people experience. To that end, the presentation of human services comprises that of assisting and leading client’s to a better quality of life. We will discuss two fields within the profession that provide important areas of service including that of self-sufficiency and rehabilitation.
Noted functions which make up human services include assisting those persons who lack mental capacity, helping them return to a previous status quo and assisting those who are unable to care for themselves temporarily. Human services ...view middle of the document...

They must also have good management skills in order to be able to make effective decisions under time constraints.
Many professions that fall under the umbrella of the human services rehabilitate persons with serious diseases, severe injuries, psychiatric, learning, cognitive, and addiction disorders. Rehabilitation counselors work in residential care centers, correctional facilities, halfway houses and substance abuse rehabilitation facilities. Rehabilitation counselors assess their patients’ to determine which rehabilitation programs will suit them. To do this, they consult patients’ doctors, medical records, friends and family.
Rehabilitation counselors provide counseling and support to individuals and families.

Rehabilitation Counselors should be familiar with other services and resources in the community

and work closely to provide information and support when required as well as ensure the

health and wellness of individuals, family members and the community.

Some rehabilitation counselor’s specialize in certain areas. A drug and alcohol counselor is an
individual who counsels a person who is suffering from the problem of drug or alcohol addiction.
Substance abuse counselors work at various places such as outpatient clinics where patients visit
for a few hours of counseling sessions. Substance abuse counselor’s also play a vital role at
treatment center that provide inpatient services. These counselor’s provide education about the
nature of addiction...

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