Effective Ethics And Crisis Management Essay

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Artena Thompson | MNGT-5990 | 
Artena Thompson | MNGT-5990 | 

Over 3,000 workers polled in 2009 National Business Ethic Survey in the findings there was 49% observed ethical misconduct. The issues ranged from company resources abuse to bribes and illegal political contributions. The ethical misconducts/issues can fall within Employee Mistreatment, Customer Mistreatment, Unethical Employee Behavior, Corporate Intelligence Issues, and Accounting Practices.
Employee Mistreatment can also be workplace abuse which is a behavior that causes workers emotional or physical harm. Harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence are forms of workplace abuse. These behaviors aren’t always ...view middle of the document...

They have the right to report in to OSHA, The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1974 guarantees them this right. They can meet an OSHA inspector in private to discuss their complaint.
Customer Mistreatment can come in the form releasing in the form of releasing shoddy products, lying to consumers, and discrimination against clients. One of this prime examples was the Dillard’s Lawsuit which included Paula Hampton in April 1996 at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas.
The Dillard’s Customer Mistreatment consisted of law enforcement and employees targeting customers based on their physical appearance which was clearly profiling. According to the Director of Racial Justice Project at the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, women of color had the most regular experiences with Dillard’s Customer Mistreatment. This type of mistreatment of the victims from Dillards left them embarrassment which no customer should never feel. Some other type of Dillard’s mistreatment included security officer following customers around the store, watching their every move, judging them as if they were poor and didn’t belong in the store. This type of customer mistreatment actually went against their own policy and procedures before apprehending potential shoplifters. The policy reads as:
“The person must be observed with the merchandise. If merchandise is being taken into a fitting room, you must establish a concealment of observing the customer and the merchandise count and description taken into and from the fitting room…”

Unethical Employee Behavior comes in the form of abusing company resources, falsifying timesheets, breaching customer privacy, using the internet/email for personal use, turning in false expenses and stealing.
“Postal employees have spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on gambling, bills and other personal expenses, according to a series of reports by the U.S. Postal Service inspector general
Federal employees may use government credit cards fort official travel expenses, but some used theirs to withdraw cash before hitting casinos. Nearly a dozen reports on closed travel card theft investigations were obtained by the Washington Examiner in response to a Freedom of Information Act Request.
One Manager, was not identified in the report, used her travel card to withdraw $32,000 in cash so she could gamble, according to the inspector general”

Corporate Intelligence Issues can consist of businesses acting unethically. The offenses can be stealing or selling corporate intelligence, dumpster diving for confidential info, hacking into computer systems, tricking or bribing someone for information.

Accounting Practices can be falsifying company expenses or sale, altering financial documents to benefit the company, releasing misleading statements.
A good example of bad accounting was Enron and although it was publicize national it is stilling going on. Craig Haber a partner in an Accounting Firm in...

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