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Effective Enterprise Key Management Essay

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Effective enterprise key management

Driven by issues to prevent data breach and meet regulatory compliance requirements companies are encrypting critical data at an alarming rate. Added to this issue is the renaissance in encryption driven by cloud computing, mobile technology and basic security needs. To protect sensitive data the process involved is using native encryption software’s throughout the organization; this increases the complexity, adds to the operational cost and results in inconsistent security policies. Ponemon Institute study reports ‘In 2010 data breaches in US cost an average of 6.5 million per event and more than $200 per compromised record to pay for ...view middle of the document...

Decentralized key managers’ means defining key and data protection policies separately for each of the native software’s. Also if the user interfaces across the individual systems are poorly designed much needed manual mediation will be required.
3. To reduce complexity most of the times key rotation is implemented. A number of native environments systems are designed to use the same key or a set of keys on a rotating basis, so if one of the keys is compromised it is impossible to destroy it without destroying all the data associated with that key.
To combat these issues many companies are now embracing an enterprise key management system which focuses on a centralized unified environment. It is a single solution structured to incorporate multiple vendors’ key management. According to the Aberdeen Research- ‘Company’s which implemented enterprise key management were able to support 59 percent more applications and significantly lower costs by 73 percent in terms of cost per key managed’.

Benefits of enterprise key management:
1. Provides a centralized managing system. More like a single central repository of keys eliminating multiple channels for data breach due to malicious attacks or human errors
2. Independent storage location for keys isolated from the location of the encrypted data thus enforcing separation of duties
3. Compliance across the encryption software’s ensures application of cryptography standards and advance data protection rules. Enterprise management supports a wide variety of encryption standards such as DES, RSA and AES
4. Provides an overall comprehensive view of the entire cryptography system implemented which...

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