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Effective Decision Making Essay

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Effective Decision Making
Every health care facility makes complex decisions to run the organization affectively. In health care organizations, management is usually in charge of making the decisions and uses certain strategies to come up with a plan that will improve and benefit the facility. When there are budget cuts within an organization, management must accommodate to meet the new standards and make a decision whether to eliminate or introduce health care needs better to suit the population. “Decision making is choosing from among alternatives to determine the course of action” (Liebler & McConnell, 2008, p. 147). In terms of the Medicaid program receiving a 15% budget cut, ...view middle of the document...

To address the budget cuts in Medicaid, the most appropriate tool would be assessing the “actionability” of the evidence. When using the actionability tool, cost, user perception, and revenue are taken into consideration (Rundall, Martelli, Arroyo, & McCurdy, 2007). Because Medicaid provided routine and preventative dental care to their consumers, management can look at past reports to determine how many people used preventative and routine dental care and how much was spent per year. After collecting the evidence that dental care was not as widely used as other preventative health services and not detrimental to the consumers wellbeing, Medicaid made the decision to eliminate that health care need.
Accountability and a Questioning Organization
Health care organizations are held accountable for errors they make and have to respond to the demands of numerous regulatory agencies (Rundall, Martelli, Arroyo, & McCurdy, 2007). Because health care organizations take on the responsibility of providing quality care to individuals, the consumer highly scrutinizes the facility to make the best well-informed decision that will benefit them. The toolbox affects the accountability of the organization by making it transparent. Transparency allows consumers to view how and why the organization came to the conclusion on their decision. To remain accountable, managers base decisions on clear, factual evidence that proves to enhance the quality of health care in the organization. Because managerial decisions are transparent, they are more susceptible to larger consequences so sources used must be credible (Rundall, Martelli, Arroyo, & McCurdy, 2007). The use of the informed decision toolbox also affects a questioning organization. Even though using the best research evidence when making a decision is accepted among physicians, managerial cultures do not usually use research evidence decision making (Rundall, Martelli, Arroyo, & McCurdy, 2007). Questioning the organization establishes its credibility as well. If managers question the evidence used to make important decisions, it ensures the researcher will obtain evidence from a reliable source. Other strategies used in making sure sources are credible are sponsoring seminars, analyzing and comparing past results to current organizational processes, and offering educational programs for managers on making evidence-informed decisions (Rundall, Martelli, Arroyo, & McCurdy, 2007).
Knowledge Transfer
The toolbox affects knowledge transfer by establishing organizational structures and processes to follow to make well-informed decisions (Rundall, Martelli, Arroyo, & McCurdy, 2007). To create a seamless decision making process, finding a method that works and applying it to make future decisions is a strategy used to research evidence. To transfer...

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