Effective Communication In The Business Enviorment

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Brittany Harris


May 11, 2014

Communication is the key to every type of relationship or partnership. In the business environment due to a vast variety of people in one business this can be a hard thing to grasp. There are so many different barriers that people face such as language and cultural barriers. It can be hard to communicate with somebody who doesn’t know English or somebody who doesn’t understand your reasoning through cultural differences. I have experienced the hard ships of communication in the business world the trail and the error and also the succession.
At my job we are all different but we all share a common ground and that is to heal the human body. We are a small business an urgent care center for people who don’t like the lengthy or ...view middle of the document...

She sat us down and explained our new system. Each week we had a nurses meeting where we would go over tasks and orders and reports and just general office stuff to make sure everybody was on one accord. Also throughout the day we always had a two 10 minute huddles to make sure all our tasks would be completed and nobody was left behind. At this meeting the doctors confided in us what they would like for us to do and what we could do better. It benefitted so much better when everybody used their active listening instead of just complaining about the subject at hand. Last but not least we developed weekly interoffice memos sent out every Friday so that we as a whole staff knew about changes, orders, and etc. These small things helped us grow as a business and helped the disorganization.

The impact was phenomenal. We were able to make our weekly orders proficient and concise thus reducing unneeded orders and helping with spending unnecessary funds. Also the doctor nurse relationship improved since the nurses learned the ins and outs of what they needed for each patient and to make their days go by smoother. Since the doctors weren’t upset anymore or the nurses this benefitted our patients who were now being serviced by happy nurses and doctors increasing our rapport with our patients. Also with the new interoffice memos when things were changed and added to the office we knew in advance which helped panic and frustration amongst the staff as well because nobody likes when things are sprung on them people need time to prepare.
In closing I would like to emphasize effective communication in the business world. These businesses are hard earned investments and we would want to see them grow and prosper but even the slightest blip such as a misunderstanding of communication or management not fully understanding their staff can lead to failure. I hope now this will inspire you to make sure communication remains key in any relationship.



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