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Effective Communication For Learning Essay

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Effective Communication for Learning
Dawn Mills
February 28, 2011
Colleen Riaza

Effective Communication for Learning

Communication in groups although sometimes difficult can be a challenging and enjoyable task and if done correctly can be very effective in learning and in collaborating on a project. Depending on a persons’ learning style a plan must be developed to effectively communicate to where the individual can understand another’s ideas and can reach a certain goal.
The learning styles that one possesses can vary and range from being verbal linguistic to intrapersonal to even being visual spatial. Being verbal linguistic means one that spells easily, and tends to internalize new information through a lecture format or discussion format to learn material. These people tend to do well in situations where the teacher is feeding them information, or where the group converses on a topic.
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Lastly there are the visual spatial learners learn best when they see what they are learning as they tend to forget what they hear. They also are out of the box thinkers who at times seek patterns, and they are very sensitive and intense. The greatest method to communicating with this type of learner is to use graphs, charts, and video images to allow them to learn. Another way is to allow them to express their ideas and thoughts in order to let them express their creativity. There is also personality types in which one needs to understand in order to communicate effectively. The first is the organizer who is very structured in the way in which they study and learn, as well as very firm on how they communicate, giving just the facts they have gathered. In communicating with these individuals one has to present a very organized and structured manner so that one can appeal to that individuals learning style for a more effective result.
The thinker is an individual who learns best by learning various things and studying each one in order to find the best results. The communication solution for these individuals is to discuss various solutions as well as study different information to come to the most effective conclusion. Lastly there is the giver, who has the tendency to be more effective in close knit groups. The best way to effectively communicate with a giver is to allow them to express themselves freely in order to find an effective solution.
In closing there are various other learning styles and personality traits so be sure that in communicating you discover the people you are dealing with and the person that you are yourself, so that all involved whether in a group or one on one you may be effective in your communication.

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