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Effective Communication As An Early Childhood Educator

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In many aspects of life including work, study and everyday personal life the skill of effective communication is an asset. As an early childhood educator effective communication is paramount. The essay will examine what effective communication is, and how and why it is important for an early childhood educator to possess this skill.

Grellier & Goerke (2010) describes effective communication as consisting of speaking clear and concise with the correct use of tone, the ability to give and receive feedback productively, active listening, non-verbal communication such as gestures, body language and eye contact.
Speech is a complex process that is an important component in communication, ...view middle of the document...

Communication goes beyond the making of sounds and noises, non-verbal communication such as eye contact, body language and gestures are an essential skill to being an effective communicator. Maintaining eye contact during communication will ensure your listeners remain interested. The ability to glance around the room with the purpose of making all listeners feel engaged without staring at any particular person will give listeners a sense of importance; that you are talking to them directly. Avoiding looking at doors and windows will give the speaker the appearance of confidence in themselves and it what they are discussing (Grellier & Goerke, 2010). Non-verbal communication is the first form of communication used in life. Infants from birth will use crying to communicate their feelings such as discomfort and hunger. As children grow and develop they begin to communicate their emotions through cooing and laughing to express happiness and contentment while continuing to use crying to express discomfort along with body movements such a turning their head away. Educators may also find themselves relying on their own non-verbal communication skills when assessing and reporting ongoing behavioural and educational growth of children, also non-verbal skills such as writing notes and newsletters. Without matured writing skills, educators’ may not be able to look back on notes regarding children effectively, newsletters may not be clear and concise, in turn creating hard to read documents for care givers.
Body language influences how people perceive someone’s temperament which can include irritability, elation, boredom or embarrassment. Body language is also inclusive of stance, posture, the use of natural gestures and situation appropriate facial expressions. Appropriate use of body language can help determine how children, families and staff approach and perceive educators. There are many theories surrounding the use of body language as a form of communication. James Borg (2010) suggested that 93% of communication is made up of body language whilst other researchers have indicated that 60-70% is more actuate (Engleberg, 2006). In summary it is apparent that communication via body language plays a major role in effective communication. (who?-from jamie) suggests body language is best taught at an early age as it is essential for social success, with children spending most of their day at school, educators become very influential to the learning and understanding of these skills.
Effective feedback is a communication skill educators use daily, whether it is to give or receive feedback. Feedback situations may include educator to child when providing behavioural or educational feedback, educator to educator at staff meetings, educator to parent in regards to meetings about children, also an educators own personal feedback, such as class planning reviews and ongoing observations of children.
Feedback needs to be clear and concise so to...

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