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What is organisational communication? Organisational communication is the consideration, analysis and criticism of the role of communication in organizational contexts. Being able to communicate efficiently and effectively is a major role played within organisations. Communication means imparting information and generally establishes interconnecting links between its components of addresser, mode of communication and addressee (Jakobson and Halle, 1975 as cited by Brown, A.M., Tower, G. & Taplin, R. 2005). Countless amounts of problems may arise from the lack of communication skills, this may not only affect employees but also the ...view middle of the document...

We were keeping them fully informed with several short PowerPoint slides. On several occasions we asked if they all understood, keeping them fully involved with the presentation. We ended up completing the meeting with the group completely comprehending the entire presentation; with that they were able to record down all of our analysis and suggestions which lead to a very successful meeting.
The first key point which lead to this successful meeting was, the correct planning. Being able to be fully prepared and making sure that the presentation, analysis and suggestions had been fully researched and completely organized was definitely the first step in showing successful organisational communication. The second part of having a successful meeting was having the meeting face to face in a room where the listeners would not be distracted, this meeting would have been a lot more difficult to manage if it weren’t held face to face and rather on the internet. The presentation was a sales presentation, so using an extemporaneous speech, we did not have to fully focus on the script that was written, and this way there would be more contact with the listeners to make sure that they were fully focused on the presentation.
In order to maximise attention and interest to our audience and to get straight to the point, we used hierarchical decomposition. Hierarchical decomposition is basically starting from the main subject, in our case would be how the sales went, then move down into subtopics of the main subject, which in our case was the sales split into each month and when it peaked and fell. Using this method we were able to effectively establish the main points then work our way down into the analysis. Other methods that we could have used was a sequential argument, a pyramid structure, a question orientated method and Monroe’s motivated sequence. We decided on hierarchical decomposition because we decided that it would be more effective and relevant on this specific topic.
Thirdly, making sure the group were completely understanding of our analysis, we made sure to ask them. Through the use of eye contact, non-verbal communication such as nodding and gesturing we were able to capture the audience’s full attention. This also showed assertive communication, as we tried to be a bit forceful by asking the group if they had questions.
Overall, the entire meeting went well, this was from all of the factors combined. There were other methods of improving the presentation, but what was done was already adequate. It has been reported that over 75 per cent of all business transformation projects fail. The biggest problems seems to be the lack of communication with employees. (Collyer, M. 2000) If it were required, to further improve the presentation, we would have added on some non-verbal communication as well, this would have secured all attention. This should be used at meetings or events which require it. All of the presentations had been previewed by...

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