Effective Change Essay

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Week Two Assignment
Effective Change
William C. Bradley, Jr.
MGT 466
Professor Dorothea L. Terry
July 18, 2012

Effective Change
Review of Effective Change Theories
The early theories of change held by management scientists centered on defining the problem accurately, using the best analytic techniques, and finding an optimal solution. It was assumed that managers would readily understand, accept, and implement the solutions of the scientists. Some observers contended, however, that the management scientists were proposing changes with insufficient regard for relevance, timeliness, acceptance, or implementation (Zand, 1975).
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According to an article written by Anita van deVliet on the Management Today website, customers were leaving and making their grocery purchases at competitors’ stores, the share price for the company was falling, and many of the stores were in disrepair. It was believed that the Asda would find it very difficult to bring someone in that could turn the situation around. Some of the barriers to implement effective change at Asda that Archie Norman faced included a demoralized work force, a politicized central headquarters, employees not intercommunicating between departments, and a company with no idea of what direction it was heading to. Archie Norman himself was a barrier due to the fact that he personally had no experience in the grocery business and no general manager experience other then his graduate school training (Spector, 2010).
Archie Norman and the First Six Months
Archie Norman from the onset of correcting the situation at Asda was to work with the existing employees and convince them that there was a problem at Asda. A lot of ‘head in the sand’ was taking place at Asda with many hard working employees not willing to accept that they were part of the problem. Norman understood that change needed to happen and that it would need to wholesale – everything would need to change, which in turn would revitalized the entire organization. The strategic renewal that Norman envisioned included the making of a strategic statement which was: “We will supply the weekly shopping needs of ordinary working families.” This strategic statement would allow Norman to promote his ground up renewal of change which would allow Norman to change the old culture at Asda. The new culture at Asda would be built around a new statement of company values along with a...

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