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Effective Business Communication Through Theatre Technique

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Effective Business Communication through Theatre Technique
Core Faculty: Ashok Kapoor
Course Outline


Theatre is not merely a metaphor for workplace: it already exists in daily life, and workplace is just its extension. Individually and collectively, within and without, people are in a dynamic and dramatic relationship that is now planned or rehearsed and now improvised.

The Corporate is engaged in an ongoing drama that is being played on the larger stage of society. In their book, ‘Dramatic Success’, (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2004), authors Andrew Leigh and Michael Maynard reiterate that Corporate is Theatre. They ...view middle of the document...

The design and pedagogy have a sound philosophical basis.

EBCTT offers ‘live’ situations that would help each individual explore the realms of effective business communication in order to see where s/he fits and where s/he falters. The course would then provide ample opportunities to practice, experiment and iron out defects – visualizing the audience (the receiver), practising the communication (the message) and rehearsing the performance (the medium). ‘Acting’ is not a façade; it means ‘to act’. The Sanskrit word, ‘Abhi-naya’ means ‘to take it near’ or communicate!

Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘You should be the change that you wish to see in the world’. In a word, the main objective is to help students transform as individuals and connect with the society and its issues and make a difference.
The invaluable and generous feedback from various groups has helped the course to evolve meaningfully.


The overall objective is to bolster the student’s confidence, courage of conviction, ability to connect, presence of mind, and to become media-savvy, etc. The course aims at personality development- Awareness, Confidence, PR, HR & Leadership skills by honing the core skills of communication in an experiential manner. (Theatre encompasses all aspects of communication in a surcharged environment, like in daily life or at workplace. Just as the actor ‘plays’ a character, an executive uses his creativity to expand his area of influence. Be it listening (cueing), non-verbal communication (presence), verbal communication (dialogue) or effective written communication (developing an engaging written script).)

Importantly, EBCTT aims not to work only at communication skills, or the ‘how’ part of it. Its mission is to help students to discover the power of communication- to take individuals on a journey of Self and optimise the infinite potential within to communicate with the Other.


EBCTT has evolved an effective hands-on pedagogy. Theatre games and exercises are used extensively to hone:
a) the actor’s skill-kit : internal and external communication process and harmonisation, voice modulation, non-verbal communication- sense of presence, cueing, relating to co-actors or team members and audience or environment, characterisation, etc.;
b) the director’s skill-kit : envisioning or visualizing action with a view to harmonising the action and impact;
c) the script-writer’s techniques : creative use of logic and language; plan situations to understand the inherent...

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